No Neutral Ground

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In South Africa whites either accept the evils of the racist system or oppose it and suffer police harassment.  There is no neutral ground.  Joel Carlson made his commitment when he was a clerk in one of the courts.  He was shocked and outraged by the administration of "justice" as it applied to blacks.  Determined to expose the truth and to try to bring about a change through the avenue of the law, he began a career dedicated to fighting injustice to to protecting the civil rights of his black clients.

NO NEUTRAL GROUND is Joel Carlson's engrossing and dramatic account of those years of commitment.  It is also the poignant and moving story of his clients, courageous men and women, victims of a racist society, who wanted only to live their lives with a measure of dignity.  It is furthermore a distinguished and important addition to the documents on the struggle for civil rights everywhere by a man who has been called "an authentic hero of our times."