Peace Agitator: The Story of AJ Muste

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The versatile Nat Hentoff has turned his talents to the history of a remarkable man, one who could well be called the Picasso of the American Left. Going from Calvinist minister to pacifist labor leader to Trotskyite and back to pacifism via Gandhi, Muste at 78 is now more active than ever in the vanguard of the disarmament movement. An idealist who acts on his ideas rather than just thinking about them, he has consistently worked toward the perfectability of man without ever discounting man's imperfections, or losing his sense of humor. Far from being ingenuous or fanatic, Muste describes and demonstrates the efficacy of non-violent direct action with devastating rationality. Most memorable are the quotes, from Muste, his contemporaries, and family, which Mr. Hentoff has woven skillfully into his lucid text. The book is not a paean to Muste, but rather a carefully balanced, respectful biography which should draw praise from critics and disciplies alike.