From the Redwood Forest: Ancient Trees & the Bottom Line: A Headwaters Journey

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From the back cover: "The oldest trees of the Headwaters Forest pre-date Jesus Christ . . . Harvested sustainably for decades by Pacific Lumber, a family-owned business, it seemed that the legacy of old-growth forest could be maintained indefinitely. This situation changed when Pacific Lumber was acquired in 1985 in a hostile takeover by MAXXAM Company of Houston. The welfare of the forest & its regional stakeholders suddenly became secondary to a corporation's need to satisfy financial obligations. Since that takeover, "liquidation logging" practices have fueled passions and caused deep rifts . . . Now, the Headwaters Forest is the locust of a virtual environmental holy war, with skirmishes fought in courtrooms, on back roads, in the media, & in the living rooms of local residents who are scared, resentful, and angry that the healthy forest, which for generations has provided jobs, is vanishing."