Women's Growth in Diversity: More writings from the Stone Center

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Articles from the Stone Center of Wellesley College on women's psychological development of women. It focuses on the ways that diversity can enhance rather than threaten relationships between women and men.
Topics include: the importance o connection in women's lives, empathy as antidote to shame and silence, the role of ethnicity in women's sense of self. ager as a resource for change, the special quality of intimacy in lesbian relationships, building mutuality between women and men.
Articles by Stephen Bergman, M.D., Ph.D.; Cynthia Garcia Coll, Ph.D.; Natalie Eldridge, Ph.D.; Judith V. Jordan, Ph.D.; Alexandra Kaplan, Ph.D.; Julie Mencher, M.S.W.; Jean Baker Miller, M.D.; Robin Cook-Nobles, Ed.D.; Wendy Rosen, M.S.W., Ph.D.; Suzanne Slater, M.S.W.; Irene Stiver, Ph.D.; Janet Surrey, Ph.D.; Beverly Daniel Tatum, {Ph.D.; Clevonne Watkins Turner, M.S.W