204 books

Title Author Keywords Year
Activist Cookbook, The: Creative Actions for a Fair Economy Boyd, Andrew activism, puppets, community activists, street theatre 1997
Activist's Handbook, A Primer Shaw, Randy 2001
AIDS Activist: Michael Lynch and the Politics of Community Silversides, Ann New York, AIDS, Biography, health, Canada, San Francisco, Toronto, epidemic 2003
Alternatives to the Peace Corps: A Directory of Third World & U.S. Volunteer Opportunities [N/A] Not Applicable, Buell, Becky, Clarke, Victoria, Leone, Susan volunteer, third world countries, Peace Corps, US Government, international travel 1992
Anarchist Cookbook, The Powell, William 1989
And the Crooked Places Made Straight: The Struggle for Social Change in the 1960s (The American Moment) Chalmers, David Vietnam, Civil Rights Movement, social change, counterculture, 1960s 1991
Antinuclear Movement, The: Twayne's Social Movement Series Price, Jerome political science, atomic power, Social movements, anti-nuclear movement 1982
Archaeologists as Activists: Can Achaeologists Change the World? [N/A] Not Applicable, Stottman, M. Jay Social History, essay collection, Cultural History, archaeology 2011
Art of Asking: Handbook for Successful Fund Raising, The Schneiter, Paul H. Non-Profit, non profit management, fundraising, activists, fund-raising, community organization 1978
Art of Fundraising, The Warner, Irving R. handbook, Non-Profit, fundraising, fund-raising, community organization, guide 1984
Art of Truth-Telling About Authoritarian Rule, The [N/A] Not Applicable, Bilbija, Ksenija., Fair, Jo Ellen, Milton, Cynthia E., Payne, Leigh A. South Africa, Phillipines, Nigeria, authoritarianism, Thailand, authoritarian, Balkan States 2005
Backyard Revolution, The: Understanding the New Citizen Movement Boyte, Harry C. Labor Movement, economics, community organizing, Grassroots Activists 1980
Bad For Democracy: How the Presidency Undermines the Power of the People Nelson, Dana D. presidential election, American democracy, US Government 2008
BAsics: From the Talks and Writings of Bob Avakian Avakian, Bob American Politics, Imperialism, world politics, scientific method 2011
Behind the Lines: Richmond Secondary College: A School that Dared to Fight Jolly, Stephen activism, South Carolina, student activism, australia, Richmond, school closures 1996
Berkeley at War: The 1960s Rorabaugh, W. J. College, US History, Berkeley, education reform, California, 1960s 1989
Beyond the Politics of Place: New Directions in Community Organizing Delgado, Gary activism, community organizing, 1990, co movement, racial organizing 1997
Bitter Harvest: Gordan Kahl and the Posse Comitatus: Murder in the Heartland Corcoran, James Anti-Semitism, biogotry, right-wing extremist, hatred, zealotry, racist, government 1990
Book Publishing and Assistance Programs: A Review and Inventory Priestly, Carol assistance, book publishing, writing grants, development aid 2000
Building Powerful Community Organizations: A Personal Guide to Creating Groups that Can Solve Problems and Change the World Brown, Michael Jacoby social groups, community organizing 2006
C.I.A. Off Campus: Building the Movement Against Agency Recruitment and Research Mills, Ami Chen C.I.A., recruitment, university campuses, US Education, Central Intelligence Agency 1991
Challenging the Christian Right: The Activist's Handbook Clarkson, Frederick, Porteous, Skipp activism, First Amendment, Christian Right, politacl religion, reserching, tax abuse 1993
Cities' Wealth, The: Programs for Community Economic Control in Berkeley, California Community Ownership Organizing Project Communism, Berkeley, California, American Socialism, Ron Dellums 1980
Citizen Action and the New Populism Boyte, Harry C., Booth, Heather, Max, Steve Populism, citizen participation, Grassroots Activists 1986
City: Rediscovering the Center Whyte, William Photography, New York City, urban communities, city and town life 1988
Civil Society at the Millennium CIVICUS indigenous peoples, citizen participation, rights, Women, youth, organizing, volunteerism, community involvement 1999
Closed Corporation, The: American Universities in Crisis Ridgeway, James College, universities, US Education, Department of Defense 1968
Come Together Right Now: Organizing Stories from a Fading Empire Gagnon, Bruce K. Labor Movement, community organizing, us economy, Grassroots Activists 2005
Community is Possible: Repairing America's Roots Boyte, Harry C. 1984
Community Organizing & Development Rubin, Herbert J., Rubin, Irene S. activism, social action, social change, community organizing, projects, US Housing 1992
Community Technology Hess, Karl social change, community organizing, Washington DC, US Housing 1979
Compassionate Rebel, The: Energized by Anger, Motivated by Love Berlowe, Burt F., Penshorn, Julie D., Janke, Rebecca A. Biography, protests, activist, story collection, essay collection 2002
Complaint: From Minor Moans to Principled Protests Baggini, Julian activism, philosophy, protests, complaints, human condition 2008
Confronting Political and Social Evil: Complicity, Resistance, Human Rights, and U.S. Foreign Policy Hasenfuss, Cornelia, Leff, Harry S. 1991
Crisis at Columbia: Report of the Fact-finding Commission Appointed to Investigate the Distrubances at Columbia University in April and May 1968 Cox Commission Report Vietnam War, protests, student activism, 1960s, US Education, Columbia University 1968
Cybercitizen: How to Use Your Computer to Fight for All the Issues You Care About Kush, Christopher technology, Cyber Activist, Lobbying, Legislation 2000
Democracy in Small Groups; Participation, Decision Making, and Communication Gastil, John Consensus, group dynamics 1993
Direct Action: An Ethnography Graeber, David Anthropology, protests, activist, Summit of the Americas 2009
Dissent From War Ivie, Robert L. war, solidarity, Christianity, Pacifism, Citizenship 2007
Dissident World, The: The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 1995 Miller, Chris amnesty international, Gore Vidal, Andre Brink, Wolle Soyinka, Edmund White, Taslima Nasreen, Nawal El Saadawi 1996
Doing Democracy: The MAP Model for Organizing Social Movements Moyer, Bill, McAllister, JoAnn, Finley, Mary Lou, Soifer, Steven Social movements, activisim, organization, MAP 2001
Earth First! Direct Action Manual DAM Collective, The Environment, protest, ecoliberation, bio-centrism
Education for Action: Where to Go for Graduate Studies That Focus on Social Change Food First Books Education, universities, social change, action, graduate students, directory, US Education 1991
Eloquence of Protest: Voices of the 70's, The [N/A] Not Applicable, Salisbury, Harrison E. protests, 1970 activism, excerpts, editorials 1972
Embattled University, The Graubard, Stephen & Ballotti,Geno political science, universities, student activism, US Education 1970
End To Silence, An: The San Francisco State Student Movement in the 60's Barlow, William, Shapiro, Peter civil rights, New Left, sixties, 60's, student activism, US Education 1971
Enriqueta Vasquez and the Chicano Movement: Writings from El Grito del Norte Vasquez, Enriqueta, Oropeza, Lorena, Espinoza, Dionne Feminism, Poverty, Biography, social justice, Chicano, ethnic pride, La Raza, Mestizo history 2006
Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making Kaner, Sam, Lind, Lenny Business ethnics, business studies 1996
Failure To Quit: Reflections of an Optomistic Historian Zinn, Howard Supreme Court, humor, US History, Bill of Rights 1993
Fighting Poverty with Facts: Community-Based Monitoring Systems Reyes, Celia, Due, Evan social activism, Poverty, community activism, community centers 2009