534 books

Title Author Keywords Year
12 Million Black Voices Wright, Richard Photography, harlem, 1930's, race and ethnicity, collection of essays 1941
49th Parallel Psalm Compton, Wayde 19th century, African American migration, poetry collection, Black Canadians 1999
Affirmative Action Debate, The Curry, George E. Race Relations, Affirmative Action, race and ethnicity 1996
African American Autobiography: A Collection of Critical Essays Andrews, William L. Autobiography, african american literature, anti-slavery, race and ethnicity, collection of essays 1993
African American Century, The: How Black Americans Have Shaped Our Country Gates, Henry Louis Jr., West, Cornel African American history, Twentieth Century, Biographies 2000
African American Heritage of Florida, The N/A, Colburn, David R., Landers, Jane L. 1995
African American Heritage: Female Leaders [N/A] Not Applicable, Rennert, Richard African American history, African American Women, african american studies, African American Leaders 1993
African-Americans in the Spanish Civil War: "This Ain't Ethiopia, But It'll Do" [N/A] Not Applicable, Collum, Danny Dunton 1992
African-American Mayors: Race, Pollitics and the American City N/A, Colburn, David R., Adler, Jeffrey S. 2001
African American Wisdom [N/A] Not Applicable, McKnight, Reginald Biographies, race and ethnicity, collection of essays 2000
African Americans and the Living Constitution [N/A] Not Applicable, Franklin, John Hope, McNeil, Genna Rae African American history, Civil Rights Movement, race and ethnicity, US Constitution 1995
African Americans at the Crossroads: The Restructuring of Black Leadership & the 1992 Elections Lusane, Clarence African American history, Election, race and ethnicity 1994
African Americans: A Concise History Hine, Darlene Clark, Hine, William C., Harrold, Stanley African American history 2009
Afro-American Novel and Its Tradition Bell, Bernard african american literature, black writers, Biographies, US History 1987
All-American Skin Game, or The Decoy of Race, The: The Long and the Short of It, 1990-1994 Crouch, Stanley 1990's, American Media, race and ethnicity, collection of essays 1997
All Deliberate Speed: Segregation and Exclusion in California Schools, 1855-1975 Wollenberg, Charles M. Race Relations, Segregation, race and ethnicity, California, US Education 1976
Almagamation Schemes: Antiblackness and the Critique of Multiracialism Sexton, Jared 2008
America In Black and White: One Nation Indivisible, Race In Modern America Thernstrom, Stephan, Thernstrom, Abigail Race Relations, African American experience, race policies, United states black history 1997
American Apartheid: Segregation and the Making of the Underclass Massey, Douglas S. , Denton, Nancy A. African American, Poverty, Racism 1993
American Civil Rights Movement, The: Readings and Interpretations D'Angelo, Raymond African American history, Civil Rights Movement, collection of essays 1999
American Death, An: The True Story of the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther KIng, Jr., and the Greatest Manhunt of our Time Frank, Gerold Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Assasination, criminology 1972
American Dilemma, An: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy (Volume I) Myrdal, Gunnar Race Relations, African American history, race and ethnicity 1995
American Dilemma, An: The Negro Problem & Modern Democracy (Volume II) Myrdal, Gunnar Race Relations, African American history, race and ethnicity 1972
American Negro Short Stories [N/A] Not Applicable, Clarke, John Henrik African American history, african american literature, story collection 1966
American Negro Slavery: A Modern Reader [N/A] Not Applicable, Weinstein, Allen, Gatell, Frank Otto, Sarasohn, David slavery, African American history, Slavery-United States 1968
American Patriots: The Story of Blacks in the Military from The Revolution to Desert Storm Buckley, Gail African American experience, American military, African American Soldiers 2001
American Slavery, 1619-1877 Kolchin, Peter 1993
Anarchism and the Black Revolution and Other Essays Ervin, Lorenzo Kom`boa Civil Rights Movement, Racism, Black Panthers, anarchism, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee 1994
Anatomy of a Lynching: The Killing of Claude Neal McGovern, James R. African American history, Biography, race and ethnicity, crime, criminology, Southern U.S. 1982
Another View: To Be Black in America [N/A] Not Applicable, Messner, Gerald African American history, Racism, Race Relations in the US, race and ethnicity, collection of essays 1972
Anyplace But Here Bontemps, Arna, Conroy, Jack African American history, African American experience, Great Migration, african american literature, race and ethnicity, collection of essays 1966
Assassination of Malcolm X, The Breitman, George African American history, FBI, Conspiracy, Malcom X 1976
At Canaan's Edge:America in the King Years 1965-68 Branch, Taylor 2006
Atlantic Slave Trade, The: New Approaches to the Americas Klein, Herbert S. slavery, African American history, Slave trade 1999
Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment Jones, James H. African American history, ethics, public health, health care industry, Race Relations in the US 1993
Barbara Jordan Blue, Rose, Naden, Corinne, Huggins, Nathan Irvin civil rights, African American Women, Biography, Young Adult, US politics 1992
Barber of Natchez, The Davis, Edwin Adams, Hogan, William Ransom African American, African American history, Biography, Mississippi, crime 1984
Barracoon: The Story of the Last "Black Cargo" Hurston, Zora Neale, Plant, Deborah G. 2018
Bearing witness : selections from African-American autobiography in the twentieth century Gates, Henry Louis Jr. African American Autobiography 1991
Been in the Storm So Long: The Aftermath of Slavery Litwack, Leon F. Race Relations, Civil War, Slavery-United States, Emancipation 1980
Before Freedom: When I Just Can Remember [N/A] Not Applicable, Hurmence, Belinda slavery, Oral History, Emancipation, collection of essays, Southern U.S. 1989
Before the Mayflower: A History of Black America Bennett, Lerone Jr. slavery, African American history, Colonial America, US History, Slave trade 1993
Behind Ghetto Walls: Black Families in a Federal Slum Rainwater, Lee African American experience, 1960's, urban communities 1970
Being Black: Essays by Althea Prince Prince, Althea Canada, race and ethnicity, collection of essays, black culture 2001
Betrayal by Any Other Name Al-Mansour, Khalid Abdullah Tariq Hispanic Americans, civil rights, Black Nationalism, Civil War reconstruction 1993
Betrayal of the Negro, The Logan, Rayford W. African American history, Civil Rights Movement, American Media, Illinois, crime 1954
Between Slavery and Freedon: Philosophy and American Slavery McGary, Howard, Lawson, Bill E. 1992
Beyond Civil Rights: A New Day of Equality Humphrey, Hubert H. Race Relations, Civil Rights Movement, 1960's, equality, 1940's, 1950's, US Political history 1968
Beyond Identity Politics: Emerging Social Justice Movements in Communities of Color Anner, John 1990's, social change, direct action, grassroots, race and ethnicity, native american, people of color 1996
Black 100, The: A Ranking of the Most Influential African-Americans Past and Present Salley, Columbus 1994