197 books

Title Author Keywords Year
Afghanistan: Country Handbook. A Field Ready Reference Publication 2007
Afghanistan: A Nation of Minorities Jawad, Nassim 1992
And Mao MAkes Five Lotta, Raymond Mao 1978
As the Japanese See It: Past and Present [N/A] Not Applicable, Aoki, Michiko Y., Dardess, Margaret B. anthology, Japan, Cultural Policy 1989
Asia in the Modern World [N/A] Not Applicable, Matthew, Helen G. Southeast Asia, political history, cultural heritage 1963
Asian Century, The: A History of Modern Nationalism in Asia Romein, Jan Nationalism, Far East, Asia 1962
Asian Dilemna: United States Japan and China Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions 1969
Asian Drama: An inquiry Into the Poverty of Nations, Abridged Myrdal, Gunnar, King, Seth S. asian history, Southeast Asia 1972
ASIAN DRAMA: An Inquiry Into the Poverty of Nations, VOL I Myrdal, Gunnar India, Pakistan, asian history, Southeast Asia, Ceylon 1968
ASIAN DRAMA: An Inquiry Into the Poverty of Nations, VOL II Myrdal, Gunnar asian history, Southeast Asia 1968
ASIAN DRAMA: An Inquiry Into the Poverty of Nations, VOL III Myrdal, Gunnar asian history, Southeast Asia 1968
At war with Asia Chomsky, Noam Cambodia, Vietnam War, Indochina, war crimes, Asia, military history, U.S. government, Pinkville, Laos, North Vietnam
Authority Participation and Cultural Change in China Schram, Stuart R. 1973
Background to Vietnam Newman, Bernard 1966
Battle of Dienbienphu, The Roy, Jules Vietnam, Vietnam War 1963
Bayan Ko!: Images of The Philippine Revolt Sacerdoti, Guy Philippines, Marcos, Aquino 1986
Behind the Lines - Hanoi: December 23 - January [1966-7] Salisbury, Harrison E. 1967
Behnd Mud Walls 1930-1960, With a sequel: The Village in 1970 Wiser, William H., Wiser, Charlotte V. 1971
Black Hole of Calcutta, The Barber, Noel India, British colonialization of India, Calcutta 1982
Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords, and the Propaganda of Silence Kolhatkar, Sonali, Ingalls, James 2006
Born Red: A Chronicle Of The Cultural Revolution Yuan, Gao China-history; Cultural Revolution; Red Guard 1987
Brief History of Chinese and Japanese Civilizations, A Schirokauer, Conrad 1989
Burma: The Next Killing Fields? Clements, Alan 1992
Cambodia Now: Life in the Wake of War Coates, Karen J. 2005
Cambodia: The Widening War in Indochina Grant, Jonathan S. 1971
Central Asia and the Caucasus after: Domestic and International Dynamics Mesbahi, Mohiaddin 1994
Chairman Mao Talks To The People Mao Tsetung, Schram, Stuart R. 1974
Changing Identities of Chinese Women: Rhetoric, Experience in 20th Century China Croll, Elizabeth 1995
China : A Visual Adventure Mydans, Carl, Demarest, Michael Photography, China, travel 1979
China From Mao to Deng 1983
China Magnificent Carter, Dagny asian history, art history, Asian studies, Asian Art 1935
China's Red Leaders: Political Biographies of the Chinese Communist Leaders Elegant, Robert S. 1952
China's Socialist Economy: An Outline History (1949-1984) [N/A] Not Applicable, [N/A] Not Applicable, Liu, Suinian, Wu, Qungan 1986
China Underground Mexico, Zachary 2009
China Watch Fairbank, John King 1987
CHINA!: Inside the People's Republic Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars Foreign Relations, Communism 1972
China's Developmental Experience Oksenberg, Michel 1973
China's Long March: 6,000Miles of Danger Fritz, Jean Communist, Mao Tse-tung, Chinese Nationalist 1988
China: The dream of man? Zetterholm, Tore, Gärtze, Bo 1977
China; The Other Communism Karol, K.S. 1966
Chinese Communism and the Rise of Mao Schwartz, Benjamin I. 1951
Chinese Communism: Selected Documents [N/A] Not Applicable, Jacobs, Dan N., Baerwald, Hans H Mao, chinese communism 1963
Chinese Communist Society: The Family and the Village Yang, C.K. 1959
Chinese Journey Myrdal, Jan Asian studies, Chinese Culture, Chinese photography, Chinese History 1965
Chinese Road to Socialism, The Wheelwright, E.L. 1970
Circle of Protest Schwartz, D. Ronald 1994
Coming Conflict With China, The Bernstein, Richard 1998
Coming to Terms: Indochina, the United States, and the War Allen, Douglas 1991
Communism and China: Ideology in FLUX Schwartz, Benjamin I. 1968
Communism of Mao Tse-Tung, The Cohen, Arthur A. 1964