295 books

Title Author Keywords Year
12-Year Reich, The: A Social History of Nazi Germany 1933-1945 Grunberger, Richard World War II, Adolf Hitler 1972
1848: The Revolutionary Tide in Europe Stearns, Peter Revolution, European History, 1848 1974
18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, The Marx, Karl 1975
African Presence in Early Europe [N/A] Not Applicable, Some Creator (FIXME), Van Sertima, Ivan 1990
After 1989: Morals, Revolution and Civil Society Dahrendorf, Ralf 1997
Aftermath: Martin Bormann and the Fourth Reich Farago, Ladislas 1974
Against Reform Pepall, John Canada 2010
Age of Revolution, The: 1789-1848 Hobsbawm, E.J. 1996
Albigensian Crusade, The Sumption, Jonathan church, cultural 1978
Almost Revolution, The: France 1968 Priaulx, Allan, Ungar, Sanford J. France, 1968, French Student Revolution, national union of french students, UNEF, National union of higher education, march 22nd movement 1969
Anarchism and the City: Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Barcelona 1898-1937 Ealham, Chris 2010
Anarchist Collectives, The: Workers' Self-Management in the Spanish Revolution 1936-1939 Dolgoff, Sam libertarian socialism, Health Services, Urban Collectivization, Social Revolution, Gaston Leval, Jose Pierats 1974
Anarchists of Casas Viejas, The Mintz, Jerome R. 1982
Anarchists in the Russian Revolution, The [N/A] Not Applicable, Avrich, Paul Russian Revolution, anarcho-communism 1973
Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War, The: Volume One Alexander, Robert Anarchist; anarchist; communism; Spain; History; Revolution 1999
Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution Peirats, Jose 1990
Art of the Impossible, The: Politics as Morality in Practice Havel, Vaclav Citizenship, post-communism, Czech Republic 1997
Artisans and Sans-Culottes Williams, Gwyn A. 1969
Aryan Myth, The : A History of Racist and Nationalistic Ideas in Europe Poliakov, Leon Racism, Nationalism, Aryan, Hitler, myths 1996
Assassination of Julius Caesar, The: A People's History of Ancient Rome Parenti, Michael 2003
At the Lenin Shipyard: Poland and the Rise of the Solidarity Trade Union Persky, Stan Poland Solidarity Movement, USSR, labor movements 1981
Autonomy: Challenge And/Or Solution Agoston, Vilmos 1993
Barbarossa : the Russian-German conflict, 1941-1945 Clark, Alan 1985
Basque Insurgents, The: ETA, 1952-1980 Clark, Robert P. 1984
Battle for Stalingrad, The Chuikov, Marshal Vasili Ivanovich 1964
Battle Stalin Lost, The: Memoirs of Yugoslavia 1948-1953 Dedijer, Vladimir Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Stalin 1971
Before France and Germany : the Creation and Transformation of the Merovingian World Geary, Patrick, J. European History, Late Antiquity, barbarians, Romans, Merovingian Dynasty 1988
Behind Closed Doors: The Secret History of the Cold War Zacharias, Ellis M. cold war 1950
Behind the Curtain Gunther, John cold war, Iron Curtain 1948
Behind the Urals: An American Worker in Russia's City of Steel Scott, John Soviet Union, Five Year Plan 1942
Belarus Secret, The Loftus, John , Miller, Nathan 1982
Blood on My Hands: A Surgeon at War Jurisevic, Craig 2010
Books For Burning Negri, Antonio 2005
Bosnia-Herzegovinia: Achilles Heel of Western 'Civilization' Wermuth, Peter, Dunayevskaya, Raya 1996
Bourgeois, The: Catholicism vs. Capitalism in Eighteenth-Century France Groethuysen, Bernard, Ilford, Mary (translator) France, religion, capitalism, bourgeois, Catholicism 1968
Bridge at Andau, The Michener, James A. 1957
broken fountain, the Belmonte, Thomas 1979
Building of the Human City, The: A Documentary Record of Western Civilization Neill, Thomas P. war, peace, document, primary source, decree, ancient, renaissance 1960
Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey Fonseca, Isabel slavery, Albania, social problems, gypsies- history, somen's work 1995
Butcher's tale : murder and anti-Semitism in a German town Smith, Helmut Walser Germany, Anti-Semitism, ethnic relations, blood accusation 2002
Chechnya: From Past to Future Sakwa, Richard 2005
Chernobyl: The Forbidden Truth Yaroshinskaya, Alla 1994
Children of the Holocaust : conversations with sons and daughters of survivors Epstein, Helen Jewish, Holocaust survivors, Nazis 1979
Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution Schama, Simon French Revolution 1989
Class Struggle in France: 1848-1850 Marx, Karl 1986
Class Struggles in the USSR: First Period: 1917-1923 Bettelheim, Charles class struggles, Russia, Soviet Union, Lenin, USSR, class, struggles, Bolshevik Party, proletarian, Soviet Power, The October Revolution 1976
Cold War, The: A New History Gaddis, John Lewis 2005
Coming of the Third Reich, The Evans, Richard J. 2003
Coming of the French Revolution, the Lefebvre, Georges 1947
Communist Regimes: The Aftermath -Socialist Register 1991 [N/A] Not Applicable, Miliband, Ralph, Panitch, Leo Socialism 1991