490 books

Title Author Keywords Year
African Slavery in Latin America and the Caribbean Klein, Herbert S. 1986
Afrocuba: An Anthology of Cuban Writing on Race, Politics, and Culture [N/A] Not Applicable, Perez Sarduy, Pedro , Stubbs, Jean 1993
After the Despots: Latin American Views and Interviews Graham-Yooll, Andrew 1991
Agrarian Policies In Central America [N/A] Not Applicable, Pelupessy, Wim, Ruben, Ruerd 2000
Agrarian Question, The: Reformism in Latin America de Janvry, Alain 1981
Agrarian Structure and Political Power in Mexico Bartra, Roger Mexico 1993
Aldabonazo: Inside the Cuban Revolutionary Underground Hart, Armando 1997
Allies Across the Border: Mexico's "Authentic Labor Front" and Global Solidarity Hathaway, Dale Global economy, Mexico, Labor, globalization, NAFTA 2000
Almost A Territory: America's Attempt to Annex Dominican Republic Javier-Nelson, William 1990
Almost a Territory: America's Attempt to Annex the Dominican Republic Nelson, William Javier 1990
Amazonian Chronicles, The Meunier, Jacques 1994
American Company, An: The Tragedy of United Fruit McCann, Thomas United States, Central America, United Fruit 1976
Amigas: Letters of Friendship and Exile Sepulveda, Emma, Agosin, Marjorie political activism, Feminism, Chile, Exile, latin american women, women's activism 2001
Andean Cocaine Industry, The Lee, Rensselaer W., Clawson, Patrick L. 1996
Apunte para la Historia del Momimiento Comunista Obrero y Campesino en Matanzas 1869-1958 Torres Molina, Osvaldo Spanish language 1984
Arbol de la Vida Bencastro, Mario fiction, Civil War, El Salvador, Spanish, Magic Realism 1997
Argentina: Democracy on Trial Poneman, Daniel Argentina 1987
Arms and Politics in Latin America Lieuwen, Edwin 1965
Art of Transition, The: Latin American Culture and Neoliberal Crisis Masiello, Francine democracy, Chile, economics, Argentina, neoliberalism 2001
Ashes of Revolt Agosin, Marjorie 1996
At War in Nicaragua: Reagan Doctrine & the Politics of Nostalgia Burns, E. Bradford 1987
Authoritarianism & Corporatism in Malloy, James M. 1977
Barrio-Logos: Space and Place in Urban Chicano Literature and Culture Villa, Raul Homero Mexican American authors, Hispanic American Culture 2000
Barrios Nortenos: St. Paul and Midwestern Mexican Communities in the Twentieth Century Valdes, Dionicio Nodin Mexican Americans, Minnesota, Hispanic American neighborhoods 2000
Basta!: Land and the Zapatista Rebellion in Chiapas Collier, George A., Quaratiello, Elizabeth Lowery Rebellion, Chiapas, zapatista; indigenous people 1999
Bearing Witness, Building Bridges: Interviews With North Americans Living & Worki Everett, Melissa 1986
Behind the Disappearances: Argentina's Dirty War Against Human Rights and the United Nations Guest, Iain Human Rights, United States, Latin American studies, Argentina 1990
Being Human in Hueyapan: A Study of Forced Identity in Contemporary Mexico Friedlander, Judith Mestizo history 1975
Bernal Diaz Chronicles, The: The True Story of the Conquest of Mexico Idell, Albert 1956
Bitter Sugar: Slaves Today in the Caribbean Lemoine, Maurice 1985
Bob Dole & the Border Ruffians Whitehead, Fred 1995
Bolivia: A Land Divided Osborne, Harold 1965
Bolivia: The Evolution of a Multi-Ethnic Society Klein, Herbert S. 1982
Bordering on trouble : resources and politics in Latin America Maguire, Andrew ed. and Janet Walsh Brown ed. Conservation, environmental policy, natural resources. 1986
Bridge of Courage: Life Stories of the Guatemalan Companeros and ... Harbury, Jennifer 1995
British Capitalism and Caribbean Slavery: The Legacy Of Eric Williams N/A, Solow, Barbara L., Engerman, Stanley L. West Indies-History, Slavery; Economics: Eric Williams 1987
Broken Promises: Agrarian Reform & the Latin AMerican Campesino Thiesenhusen, William C. 1995
Brown : the last discovery of America Rodriguez, Richard Race Relations, Hispanic Americans, race identity, racially mixed people 2002
Buried Secrets : Truth and Human RIghts in Guatemala Sanford, Victoria Human Rights, Guatemala, Political Violence, Mayas 2003
Caliban and other essays Retamar, Roberto Fernandez, Jameson, Fredric, Baker, Edward caliban, Cuban revolution, Cuba, Latin American studies 1989
Caribbean Contours Mintz, Sidney W. 1985
Caribbean, The: The Genesis of a Fragmented Nationalism Knight, Franklin W. 1990
Caricatura Politica Argentina, La [N/A] Not Applicable, Dell'Acquam Amadeo Spanish language 1960
Castro, the Kremlin, and communism in Latin America Jackson, D. Bruce 1969
Castro's revolution : myths and realities Draper, Theodore Communism, Cuban revolution, Cuba, Fidel Castro 1962
Central America: Anatomy of Conflict Leiken, Robert S. 1979
Central American Crisis Reader, The [N/A] Not Applicable, Leiken, Robert S., Rubin, Barry Foreign Relations, politics, government, Central America 1987
Chavez Code, The: Cracking U.S. Intervention in Venezuela Golinger, Eva, Jose Martí 2005
Chavez: Venezuela and the New Latin America Guevara, Aleida 2005
Che: The Making of A Legend Ebon, Martin 1969