205 books

Title Author Keywords Year
Admission Accomplished: The Lesbian Nation Years (1970-75) Johnston, Jill 1998
Against Equality: Prisons Will Not Protect You [N/A] Not Applicable, Conrad, Ryan History, LGBTQ, Prison Industrial Complex, Trans* Rights 2012
Alyson Almanac 1990, The: A Treasury of Information for the Gay & Lesbian Community Alyson Publications, Inc. 1990
Alyson Almanac 1994-95, The: The Fact Book of the Lesbian & Gay Community Alyson Publications, Inc. 1993
And They Were Wonderful Teachers: Florida's Purge of Gay and Lesbian Teachers Graves, Karen L. sexual oppression, gays and lesbians teachers, sexuality in US education, sexuality in US schools 2009
Another Mother Tongue: Gay Words, Gay Worlds Grahn, Judy 1984
As Nature Made Him : The boy was raised as a girl Colapinto, John 2000
Assuming the Position: a memoir of hustling Whitaker, Rick Male Prostitutes, Gay Men 1999
Being Jazz: My life as a transgender teen Jennings, Jazz 2016
Bear Book, The: Readings in the History & Evolution of a Gay Male Subculture Wright, Les, ed. 1997
Becoming Visible: A Reader in Gay & Lesbian History for High School & College Students Jennings, Kevin, ed. 1994
Betty & Pansy's Severe Queer Review of San Francisco Pearl, Betty 2003
Beyond Gay or Straight: Understanding Sexual Orientation Clausen, Jan 1995
Beyond The Closet Seidman, Steven 2004
Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out Not Applicable, Hutchens, Loraine, Kaahumanu. Lani 1991
Bi Lives: Bisexual Women Tell Their Stories Orndorff, Kata 1999
Big Gay Book, The: A Man's Survival Guide for the 90's Preston, John 1991
Bisexuality & the Eroticism of Everyday Life Garber, Marjorie 2000
Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir Monette, Paul 1989
Boston Marriages: Romantic But Asexual Relationships Among Contemporary Lesbians [N/A] Not Applicable, Rothblum, Esther D., Brehony, Kathleen A. Relationships, lesbian couples 1993
Brazen Femme: Queering Femininity Rose, Chloe Brushwood and Anna Camilleri, Eds. lesbian relationships, LGBT, Femme, Femininity 2005
Brief History of Gay, A McLeod, Donald W. 2003
Burst of Light, A Lorde, Audre 1988
Car Maintenance, Explosives & Love: And Other Contemporary Lesbian Writings Hawthorne, Dunsford, Cathie, Susan, Sayer, Susan 1997
Caring For Ourselves: The Lesbian Health Book White, Jocelyn M.D. & Martinez, Marissa C. 1997
Cass and the Stone Butch Azolakov, Antoinette 1987
Cassell's Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol, and Spirit: Covering Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Lore Conner, Randy P., Sparks, David Hatfield, Sparks, Mariya Music, Art, Culture, American Society 1997
Challenging the Conspiracy of Silence Egan, Jim 1998
Christianity, social tolerance, and homosexuality : gay people in Western Europe from the beginning of the Christian era to the fourteenth century Boswell, John 1980
Church & the Homosexual, The McNeill, John J. 1993
Columbia Anthology of Gay Literature, The: Readings from Western Antiquity to the Present Day Fone, Byrne R.S. 1998
Columbia Reader on Lesbian & Gay Men in Media, Society, & Politics, The Larry Gross & James D. Woods 1999
Coming Out: An Anthology of International Gay and Lesbian Writing Likosky, Stephen 1992
Coming Out Stories, The Stanley, Julia Penelope, Wolfe, Susan J. 1980
Coming out spiritually : the next step de la Huerta, Christian Homosexuality, Religions, Religious life of gays 1999
Coming Out to Parents: A Two-Way Survival Guide for Lesbians, Gay Men & Their Parents Borhek, Mary 1993
Construction of Homosexuality, The Greenberg, David F. queer theory, sociology, Homosexuality 1988
Contemporary Social Issues: A Bibliographic Series No.57 Gay and Lesbian Families Nordquist, Joan 2000
Conversaciones: Relatos Por Padres y Madres de Hijas Lesbianas e Hijos Bay Romo-Carmona, Mariana Latino, gay, lesbian 2001
Cookin' with Honey: What Literary Lesbians Eat Scholder, Amy (ed.) 1996
Countering the Myths: Lesbians Write About the Men in Their Lives Elwin, Rosamund 1996
Culture Clash: The Making of Gay Sensibility Bronski, Michael 1984
Culture of Desire, The: Paradox & Perversity in Gay Lives Today Browning, Frank 1994
Current Research on Bisexuality Fox, Ronald C. Ph.D 2004
Dear Uncle Go: Male Homosexuality in Thailand Jackson, Peter A. 1995
Derleth: Hawk . . . and Dove Litersky, Dorothy M. Grobe 1997
Diamonds Are A Dyke's Best Friend: Reflections, Reminiscences, & Reports From the Field on the Lesbian National Pasttime Zipter, Yvonne 1988
Dictionary of Homophobia, The Tin, Louis-Georges 2008
Different Daughters: A Book By Mothers of Lesbians Rafkin, Louise 1987
Dykes to Watch Out For: Great Romances that Never Were Bechdel, Alison Gay feminist comics 1986