701 books

Title Author Keywords Year
"Everyday Life", XCP 7 XCP Cross Cultural Poetics 2000
1212 McDonnell, Kathleen 2006
40 Stories Barthelme, Donald 1987
9 Plays by Black Women Wilkerson, Margaret B. 1986
Abundance: A Novel of Marie Antoinette Naslund, Sena Jeter 2006
Act of Creation, The Koestler, Arthur 1989
Activist's Daughter, The Bache, Ellyn activism, civil rights, motherhood, protest</p> 1997
Acts of Love on Indigo Road :New and Selected Stories Agee, Jonas small-town life 2003
Agency Trilogy, The Meltzer, David 1994
Aguirre : The Re-creation of a Sixteenth-Century Journey Across South America Minta, Stephen 1994
Ah, But Your Land is Beautiful Paton, Alan 1981
Al-Hamlet Summit, The Al-Bassam, Sulayan 2006
Alexandros Expedtion, the Sitkin, Patricia 1983
Alien Child Lee, Mona 1999
Almost Touching the Skies: Women's Coming of Age Stories [N/A] Not Applicable, Howe, Florence , Casella, Jean 2000
American Born Chinese Yang, Gene Luen 2009
American Dream, The; Zoo Story Albee, Edward
American Hunger Wright, Richard 1979
Amerika Kafka, Franz New York, immigrant, fantasy, reality 1946
Anarchist Farm Doe, Jane 1996
And a Body to Remember With: Stories by Carmen Rodriguez Rodriguez, Carmen 1997
Angel city : a novel Smith, Patrick D. 1978
Angel of Solitude, The Blais, Marie-Claire 1993
Another City: Writing from Los Angeles Ulin, David L., ed. american literature, city and town life, California 2001
Anthills of the Savannah Achebe, Chinua Ideology, independence, Military Rule 1987
Anthology of Modern Palestine Literature N/A, Khadra Jayyusi, Salma 1992
Antologia del Realismo Magico; ocho cuentos hispanoamericanos [N/A] Not Applicable, Carter, Dale E. Jr 1970
Anywhere but L.A. Olivas, Daniel A, Van Hooft, Karen S. literature, Latino community 2009
Appointment, the Muller, Herta Romania, Ceausescu 2001
Arrow of God Achebe, Chinua 1986
Artificial Light Greer, James 2006
Astrophobia Sokolov, Sasha 1989
AUthenticating (Dis)Location, XCP 8 XCP Cross Cultural Poetics 2001
Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man, The Johnson, James Weldon Autobiography, black passing as white 1990
Autumn quail Mahfouz, Naguib Egypt 1985
Autumn Sea Hoppenbrouwers, Toke 1996
Avalanche, The Poole, Ernest 1924
Bacopa Literary review Bast, Mary 2019
Balls & Chain: A Buck98 Adventure Andrews-Katz, Eric 2014
Bean Blossom Dreams: A City Family's Search for a Simple Country Life Murphey, Sallyann J. 1994
Beatrice Chancy Clarke, Georga Elliott 1999
Beebo Brinker Chronicles, The Bannon, Ann
Been Here and Gone: A memoir of the Blues Dalton, David Freedom, Civil Rights Movement, Great Migration, Mississippi plantations, riots 2000
Beggars' Gold Poole, Ernest 1922
Berji Kristin: Tales from the Garbage Hills Tekin, Latife urban fictin, political fiction 1983
Best Transgender Erotica N/A, Blank, Hanne (ed.), Kaldera, Raven (ed.) erotica, transgender 2002
Beyond the Border: A New Age in Latin American Women's Fiction Erro-Peralta, Nora, Silva, Caridad 2000
Big Domino in the Sky, the Martin, Michael 1996
Biker Boys: Gay Erotic Stories [N/A] Not Applicable, Pierce, Christopher 2010
Billboard, The: Play About Abortion, A Moore, Natalie Y. Abortion, Play, health 2022