169 books

Title Author Keywords Year
Afghanistan's endless war : state failure, regional politics, and the rise of the Taliban Goodson, Larry P. 2001
Anarchists Against the Wall [N/A] Not Applicable, Gordon, Uri, Grietzer. Ohal direct action, anarchist, Israel-Arab border conflicts, Israeli-Palestine Conflict 2013
Arab Awakening, The Antonius, George arab national movement 1965
Arab Marco Polo: Ibn Battuta McDonald, Lucile 1975
Arab Public Sphere in Israel, The: Media Space and Cultural Resistance Jamal, Amal 2009
Arab Women : Between Defiance and Restraint Sabbagh, Suha 1996
Arab-Israeli Conflict, The Sayegh, Fayez 1964
Arabs in Israel, The Jiryis, Sabri 1976
Arabs, The : Journeys Beyond the Mirage Lamb, David Arab Terrorism, Oil Politics, Muslim Extremism 1987
Arrested Development: The Long Term Impact of Israel's Separation in the West Bank Hareuveni, Eyal, Stein, Yael Palestinian 2012
Assassins' Gate, The: America in Iraq Packer, George
Assassins, The Lewis, Bernard Islam, Arab Terrorism 1967
Baghdad Bulletin Enders, David 2004
Baghdad, mon amour : selected writings of Salah Al Hamdani Al Hamdani, Salah 2008
Battle for Peace, The Weizman, Ezer Israel, Egypt, Peace treaty 1981
Battle Lines: The American Media and the Intifada Lederman, Jim 1992
Battle of Beirut, The: Why Israel Invaded Lebanon Jansen, Michael 1983
Behind the War on Terror: Western Secret Strategy and the Struggle for Iraq Ahmed, Nafeez Mosaddeq 2003
Bible and Sword: England and Palestine from the Bronze Age to Balfour Tuchman, Barbara W. 1956
Brief History of the Middle East, A: From Abraham to Arafat Catherwood, Christopher 2006
Broken lives-a year of intifada Amnesty International Israel, Occupied Territories, Palestinian Authority, Mid East 2001
Bush in Babylon: The Recolonisation of Iraq Ali, Tariq 2004
By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer Ostrovsky, Victor, Hoy, Claire 1990
Celebrating Ramadan Hoyt-Goldsmith, Diane religion, Education, Muslim, Islam 2001
Civilian Occupation: The Politics of Israeli Architecture, A Segal, Rafi Zionism, city planning, Civilian Occupation, The Holy Land
Clash of Fundamentalisms, The: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity Ali, Tariq Afghanistan, Pakistan, Islam, September 11, Isreal, U.S. Imperialism, Zionism, Kashmir, Women in Islam 2002
Come with Me from Lebanon Kerr, Ann Zwicker Autobiography 1994
Compassionate Peace, A: A Future For Israel, Palestine, and the Middle Mendelsohn, Everett 1989
Culture and Conflict In The Middle East Salzman, Philip Carl Middle East, Middle Eastern Conflict, Middle Eastern Culture 2008
Defeat: Why America and Britain Lost Iraq Steele, Jonathan Iran, Middle East, Shia Islamists, Iraqi 2009
Demon in the Box Oren, Tasha G. media studies 2004
Diaspora : the post-Biblical history of the Jews Keller, Werner 1968
Disarming Iraq Blix, Hans 2004
Dream Palace of the Arabs, The: A Generation's Odyssey Ajami, Fouad 1998
Duel, The : Pakistan on the Flight Path of American Power Ali, Tariq 2008
Dying Colonialism. A Fanon, Frantz Algerian revolution 1994
Egypt of the Pharaohs Gardiner, Sir Alan History, Culture, customs, ancient egypt 1961
Egypt of the Pharaohs Gardiner, Alan 1964
End of the Peace Process, The: Oslo and After Said, Edward Israel-Palestinian tensions 2000
Escape to hell and other stories Qaddafi, Muammar 1998
Every Spy a Prince Raviv, Dan, Melman, Yossi 1990
Fall of Baghdad, the Anderson, Jon Lee Iraq, fall, baghdad 2004
Fall of Jerusalem, The Schleifer, Abdullah 1972
Fate of the Jews, The: A People Torn Between Israeli Power & Jewish Feuerlicht, Roberta 1983
Fateful Triangle, The: The United States, Israel & the Palestinians Chomsky, Noam 1983
fist in the hornet's nest: on the ground in Baghdad before, during and after the war, A Engel, Richard 2004
Forbidden Truth Brisard, Jean Charles & Guillaume Dasquie
Forgotten: A Sister's Struggle to Save Terry Anderson, America's Longest-Held Hostage Say, Peggy Lebanon, Lebanese civil war, Hezbollah 1991
Founding Myths of Israel, The: Nationalism, socialism and the making of the Jewish state Sternhell, Zeev jewish people and a socialist society 1999
Gaza: A Year in the Intifada: A Personal Account... Emerson, Gloria 1991