193 books

Title Author Keywords Year
1491: New Revelations Of The Americas Before Columbus Mann, Charles C. 2006
1492 What is it Like to be Discovered Small, Deborah 1991
Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada: Current Trends and Issues Hylton, John H., ed. Canada, natives peoples, aboriginal rights 1999
Aboriginality and governance : a multidisciplinary perspective from Québec Christie, Gordon, LL. B. 2006
Africans and Seminoles; From removal to emancipation Littlefield, Daniel F. Civil War, Slavery in Indian territory, Afro-Americans 1977
After Columbus : the Smithsonian chronicle of the North American Indians Viola, Herman J. North American Indians, native American history, Columbus. 1990
All Our Relations: Native Struggles for Land and Life LaDuke, Winona 1999
Amazon Town: A Study of Man in the Tropics Wagley, Charles Anthropology, Culture, Amazon valley, South America government 1976
American Heritage History of The Indian Wars, The Utley, Robert M., Washburn, Wilcomb E. Native Americans 1982
American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World Stannard, David E. 1992
American Indian Almanac Terrell, John Upton Native Americans 1994
American Indian Healing Arts : Herbs, Rituals, and Remedies for Every Season of Life Kavasch, E. Barrie, Baar, Karen native american, Herbs, Therapeutic Use, Traditional Medicine 1999
American Indian Liberation: A Theology of Sovereignty Tinker, Georg E. 2008
American Indian Life Skills Curriculum LaFromboise, Teresa D. children, native american culture 1992
American Indian myths and legends [N/A] Not Applicable, Ortiz, Alfonso, Erdoes, Richard 1984
American Indian Societies Champagne, Duane 1989
American Indians and the Urban Experience [N/A] Not Applicable, Lobo, Susan, Peters, Kurt 2001
American Indians, American Justice Deloria Jr., Vine, Lytle, Clifford M. 1983
American Indians, Time and the Law: Native Societies in a Modern Constitutional Democracy Wilkinson, Charles F 1987
Ancient Maya, The Morley, Sylvanus Griswold, Brainerd, George W. Mayan Indians 1956
And The Land Provides : Alaskan Natives in a Year of Transition Morgan, Lael Native Americans, Eskimos, North American Indians, Aleuts 1974
Animals Came Dancing, The: Native American Sacred Ecology and Animal Kinship Harrod, Howard I. human animal relationships, native american hunting 2000
Apache Odyssey: A Journey Between Two Worlds Opler, Morris E. ethnography, Apache indians, culural anthropology 1969
Arikara War, The: The First Plains Indian War; 1823 Nester, William R. Native Americans, Plains war, Fur Trade, Great plains history 2001
Aztec thought and culture: a study of the ancient Nahuatl mind Leon-Portilla, Miguel 1963
Aztecas Del Norte: The Chicanos of Aztlan Forbes, Jack D. Mexico, indigenous peoples, Mexican-American, Southwest 1973
Barabaig, The: East African Cattle-Herders Klima, George J., Spindler, George, Spindler, Louise 1970
Battle of Little Bighorn, The Sandoz, Mari 1966
Birchbark Canoe: Living Among the Algonquin Gidmark, David canoe building 1997
Bolivian Aymara, The Buechler, Hans C., Buechler, Judith-Maria, Spindler, George, Spindler, Louise 1971
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West Brown, Dee 1971
Century of Dishonor, A: The Classic Account of Our Government's Mistreatment of Native Americans Jackson, Helen genocide, Indians-Wars 1994
Cheyenne Autumn Sandoz, Mari 1969
Civilization of the Incas and ("Discovery of Peru") Prescott, William H. Andean history 2002
Cloud Forest, The: A Chronicle of the South American Wilderness Matthiessen, Peter indigenous peoples, South America, Sargasso Sea 2003
Columbus and Other Cannibals Forbes, Jack D. 2008
Coming of Age in Samoa: A psychological study of primitive youth for Western Civilisation Mead, Margaret culural anthropology, Margaret Mead, Franz Boas 1973
Coming to Light: Comtemporary Translations of the Native Literatures of North America [N/A] Not Applicable, Swann, Brian Native Americans, anthology, Culture, Native American Literature, folklore 1996
Confronting Columbus Yewell, John 1992
Conquest of America, The: How the Indian Nations Lost Their Continent Koning, Hans America-History, Indians-Wars, Government relations, Spanish conquest, indigenous peoples 1993
Conversations with the High Priest of Coosa Hudson, Charles M.
Counting coup: a true story of basketball and honor on the Little Big Horn Colton, Larry 2000
Custer Died for Your Sins: An Indian Manifesto Deloria Jr., Vine 1989
Custer's Fall: The Native American Side of the Story Miller, David Humphreys 1992
Dance House, The: Stories From Rosebud Marshall III, Joseph 1998
Dangerous Memories: Invasion and Resistance Since 1492 Golden, Renny et al resistence, invasion 1991
Deaths of Sybil Bolton, The: An American History McAuliffe, Dennis Jr. 1994
Dictionary of the American Indian Stoutenburgh, John Native Americans, History, folklore, legends 1990
Disinherited: The Lost Birthright of the American Indian Van Every, Dale 1966
Earth Shall Weep, The: A History of Native America Wilson, James 2000