232 books

Title Author Keywords Year
Abolition Now! Ten Years of Strategy and Struggle Against the Prison Industrial Complex CR10 Publications Collective, The Critical Resistance, Prison Industrial Complex, Prisons 2008
Abolition democracy : beyond empire, prisons, and torture Davis, Angela Y. 2005
Abu Ghraib Investigations, The: The Official Reports of the Independent Panel and the Pentagon on the Shccking Prisoner Abuse in Iraq Strasser, Steven Torture, Abu Ghraib, Abuse, Iraq War, Prisoners 2004
Agency, The: The Rise and Decline of the CIA Ranelagh, John American government, bureacracy, US History 1987
Agents of Repression : The FBI's Secret Wars Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement Churchill, Ward, Vander Wall, Jim FBI, police, political 1988
AIDS Conspiracy Thoeries: Tracking the Real Genocide Gilbert, David AIDS
Aliens and Dissenters: Federal Supression of Radicals, 1903-1933 Preston, William Jr. 1963
All Things Censored Abu-Jamal, Mumia death row, prison rights, philadelphia police, MOVE 2000
America's Disappeared Authors, Various, Meeropol, Rachel 2005
America's Secret War: Inside the Hidden Worldwide Struggle Between America and Its Enemies Friedman, George 2005
American Gulag: Inside U.S. Immigration Prisons Dow, Mark 2004
Anderson Papers: From the Files of America's Most Famous Investigative Reporter, The Anderson, Jack 1973
Are Prisons Obsolete? Davis, Angela Y. 2003
Attica New York State Special Commission on Attica 1972
Beat the Heat: How to handle encounters with law enforcement Komisaruk, Katya & Maloney, Tim (Illus.) law enforcement, arrest, legal protection, resisting interrogation, police consent, rights of minors, rights of non-U.S. citizens 2003
Behind the War on Terror: Western Secret Strategy and the Struggle for Iraq Ahmed, Nafeez Mosaddeq 2003
Beyond bullets : the suppression of dissent in the United States Boykoff, Jules Freedom of Expression, Mass Media, Dissent, Suppresion 2007
Beyond P.C.: Toward a Politics of Understanding Aufderheide, Patricia Multiculturalism, politically correct, higher education, intercultural education, pc 1992
Black Resistance/ White Law: A History of Constitutional Racism in America Berry, Mary Frances African American history, civil rights, African American Legal Status 1994
Black-woman-Jew : three wars for human liberation Eckardt, A. Roy (Arthur Roy) 1989
Blacklisted News: Secret Histories From Chicago to 1984 New Yippie Book Collective, The 1983
Blue vs Black: Let's end the confict between cops and minorities Burris, John L., whitney, catherine Racism, police, cops, police brutality 1999
Book of Execution, The: An Encyclopedia of Methods of Execution Abbott, Geoffrey 1994
Brainwashing Hunter, Edward political repression, brainwashing, p.o.w, Korean war 1958
Break-ins, Death Threats and the FBI: The Covert War against the Central America Movement Gelbspan, Ross 1991
Bureau, The: The Seret History of the FBI Kessler, Ronald 2002
Castrated: My Eight Months in Prison Ginzburg, Ralph 1973
Castro, Israel, & the PLO Kopilow, David J. 1984
celling of America : an inside look at the U.S. prison industry /, The Burton-Rose, Daniel 1998
Chemical-Biological Warfare, Medical Experiments, and Population Control
Chicano Prisoners Davidson, R. Theodore Prisoners, Chicano 1974
Children In Adult Jails Children's Defense Fund 1978
CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, The Marchetti, Victor, Marks, John D 1974
CIA File, The Borosage and Marks CIA 1976
CIA Targets Fidel: The Secret Assassination Report CIA Inspector General Cuba, Fidel Castro, Central Intelligence Agency 1996
CIA-Mafia Link, The Ashman, Charles Rafael Trujillo, Political assassinations, Patrice Lumumba, Diem 1975
CIA, The: A Forgotten History Blum, William Iran, Vietnam, Haiti, Middle East, Greece, Soviet Union, Guatemala, China, Philippines, Cuba, Korea, International relations, Albania, Indonesia, Italy, US Armed Forces, interventions, post WWII, cia history 1991
CIA's Greatest Hits, The Zepezauer, Mark
Class and Nation, Historically and in the Current Crisis Amin, Samir
Cointelpro Papers, The: Documents from the FBI's Secret Wars Against Churchill, Ward 1990
Cointelpro: The FBI's Secret War on Political Freedom Blackstock, Nelson, Chomsky, Noam civil rights, FBI, repression, Cointelpro 1976
Committee, The: The extraordinary career of the House Committee on Un-American Activities Goodman, Walter America, House Committee 1968
Con Honor, Valentia y Orgullo n.a. Spanish language, Cuban spies 2002
Concentration Camp USA Bailey, Paul World War II, internment camps 1972
Confessions of a Medical Heretic Mendelsohn, Robert 1979
Conspiracy in the Streets : the Extraordinary Trial of the Chicago Eight [N/A] Not Applicable, Wiener, Jon 2006
Contempt: Transcript of the Contempt Citations, Sentences, and Responses of the Chicago Conspiracy 10 [N/A] Not Applicable, Clark, Ramsey, Kalven, Harry Law 1970
Contra Toda Esperanza Valladares, Armando 1985
Convicting the Innocent: The Story of a Murder, A False Confession... Connery, Donald S. 1996
Crime of Punishment, The Menninger, Karl A.