56 books

Title Author Keywords Year
Anal Pleasure & Health: A Guide for Men and Women Morin, Jack 1998
Best Black Women's Erotica Bashir, Samiya [e] african american sexuality urban 2002
Bodies That Matter; On the Discursive Limits of Sex Butler,Judith 1993
Carnal Nation: brave new sex fictions Brooks, Carellin, and Grubusic, Brett J. , editors sexuality, sex, polyamoury 2000
Creative and Sexual Science Fowler, Prof. O. S. 1971
Exhibitions: Tales of Sex in the City Davidson, Michelle, ed. cities, erotica 2000
First Person Sexual: Women and Men Write About Self-Pleasuring Blank, Joani, ed. sexuality, masturbation 1996
For Sex Education, See Librarian: A Guide to Issues and Resources Cornog, Martha, Perper, Timothy Libraries, Family life, sex education 1996
Good Vibrations: The New Complete Guide to Vibrators Blank, Joani & Whidden, Ann 2000
Government vs. Erotica, The: The Siege of Adam and Eve Harvey, Philip D. Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech, Censorship, legal issues, Obscenity, sex crimes, sex and law 2001
Gynomite; Fearless Feminist Porn Belile, Liz (ed.) 2000
Hard Bargains: The Politics of Sex Hirshman, Linda R., Larson, E. Jane 1998
Harold Litten's Best Erotic Fantasies Litten, Harold self-help, masturbation, sexual fantasies 1999
History of Sexuality, The: Volume I - An Introduction Foucault, Michel 1990
Idea of Prostitution, The Jeffreys, Sheila prostitution 1997
Invention of Heterosexuality, The Katz, Jonathan Ned 1995
Irrational in Politics, The: Sexual Repression & Authoritarian Conditioning Brinton, Maurice sexual repression 1993
Learning Good Consent: On Healthy Relationships and Survivor Support N.A., Crabb, CIndy sexual coercion 2016
Leatherfolk: Radical Sex, People, Politics, and Practice Thompson, Mark, ed. queer, s/m, sadomaschism 2001
Masculine/feminine or human? : an overview of the sociology of sex roles Chafetz, Janet Saltzman gender differences, sexual roles 1974
Nice Girls Don't: Erotische Fotografien Jaugey-Paget, Laurence 1999
Nymphomania : a history Groneman, Carol
Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage Block, Jenny 2009
Orgasmic: Erotica for Women [N/A] Not Applicable, Bussel, Rachel Kramer Women, sex, Bussell, Rachel, orgasms, kramer orgasmic, cum 2010
Polysexuality Peraldi, Francois sex 1995
Porn & Pong: How Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider, and Other, Sexy Games Changed Our Culture Brown, Damon 2008
Pornography and the Law: The Psychology of Erotic Realism and "Hardcore" Pornography Kronhausen, Eberhard, Kronhausen, Phyllis pornography 1959
Pornography of Representation, The Kappeler, Susanne Feminism, pornography 1986
Public Sex: The Culture of Radical Sex Califa, Pat 2000
Sex & Destiny: The Politics of Human Fertility Greer, Germaine 1984
Sex and the Brain Durden-Smith, Jo, Desimone, Diane 1983
Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labour Markets and the Rescue Industry Agustin, Laura Maria sex trafficking 1988
Sex in an age of technological reproduction : ICSI and Taboos Djerassi, Carl 2008
Sex in History Tannahill, Reay 1992
Sex in History Taylor, G. Rattray 1953
Sex in Human Loving Berne, Eric, M.D. 1971
Sex without consent : rape and sexual coercion in America Smith, Merril D. 2001
Sex, Time and Power Shlain, Leonard Women, sex, human evolution 2003
Sex-Pol: Essays, 1929-1934 - Wilhelm Reich Baxandall, Lee 1972
Sexcrime: An anthology of subversive erotica Tan, Cecilia erotica, forbidden sex 2000
Sexual Brain, The LeVay, Simon sexual thought 1993
Sexual Interactions Allgeier, Elizabeth Rice, Allgeier, Albert Richard pregnancy, sexual abuse, Sexual Behavior, Contraception, STDs, Sexual Harassment, Sexual anatomy and physiology 2000
Sexual Reality: A Virtual Sex World Reader Bright, Suzie lesbians, sex 1992
Sexuality (Key Ideas) Weeks, Jeffrey sociology, LGBT, LGBTQ, Sexual Relations 1991
Sexuality Education Challenge, Promoting Healthy Sexuality in Young People [N/A] Not Applicable, Drolet, Judy C., Clark, Kay Young Adults, sex education 1994
Sexually Speaking: Collected Sex Writings Vidal, Gore 1999
Spirit, Structure, and Flesh; Gendered Experiences in African Instituted Churches among the Yoruba of Nigeria Crumbley, Deidre 2008
Still Doing It: Women & Men Over 60 Write About Their Sexuality Blank, Joani 2000
Straight from the Heart: How to Talk to Your Teenagers About Love and Sex Cassell, Carol sexuality, Love, Relationships, Homosexuality, sex 1987
Straight Sex Segal, Lynne