10467 books

Title Author Keywords Year
After Columbus : the Smithsonian chronicle of the North American Indians Viola, Herman J. North American Indians, native American history, Columbus. 1990
After Diana: Irreverent Elegies Merck (ed.), Mandy 1998
After Tet: The Bloodiest Year in Vietnam Spector, Ronald H. 1993
After the Collapse of Communism: Compartive Lessons of Transition McFaul, Michael & Stoner-Weiss, Kathryn 2004
After the Despots: Latin American Views and Interviews Graham-Yooll, Andrew 1991
After the fact: the art of historical detection Davidson, James West, Lytle, Mark Hamilton slavery, mysteries, salem, huey long, hiroshima 1982
After the Revolution: Authority in a Good Society Dahl, Robert A. democracy, government, Authority 1970
Aftermath : the remnants of war Webster, Donovan 1996
Aftermath: Martin Bormann and the Fourth Reich Farago, Ladislas 1974
Against Empire Parenti, Michael 1995
Against Equality: Prisons Will Not Protect You [N/A] Not Applicable, Conrad, Ryan History, LGBTQ, Prison Industrial Complex, Trans* Rights 2012
Against Our Will: Men, Women & Rape Brownmiller, Susan 1975
Against Reform Pepall, John Canada 2010
Against slavery: An Abolitionist Reader [N/A] Not Applicable, Lowance, Mason 2000
Against the Beast: A Documentary History of American Opposition to Empire [N/A] Not Applicable, Nichols, John 2004
Against the Fires of Hell: Environmental Disater of the Gulf War Hawley, T.M. 1992
Against the Grain Yeltsin, Boris Autobiography 1990
Against the New Authoritarianism: Politics After Abu Ghraib Giroux, Henry A. (ed.) 2005
Against the State of Nuclear Terror Kovel, Joel nuclear weapons, atomic weapons, affinity group activism 1983
Against the Tide Hurwitz, Deena, Simpson, Craig Pacifism, Second World War, anti-war 1983
Agaist War: Views from the Underside of Modernity Maldonado-Torres, Nelson 2008
Age of Aquarius: Technology and the Cultural Revolution Braden, William cultural commentary, futurist, cultural revolution, technolgy 1971
Age Of Capital, The: 1848-1875 Hobsbawm, E.J. Capitalism; History 1993
Age of Diminished Expectations, The Krugman, Paul 1998
Age of Enterprise, The : A Social History of Industrial America Cochran, Thomas C., Miller, William History, American Business 1961
Age of Extremes, The: A History of the World, 1914-1991 Hobsbawm, Eric Revolution, cold war, Liberalism, third world, Twentieth Century, Social Revolution 1996
Age of Imperialism: Economics of U.S. Foreign Policy, The Magdoff, Harry Imperialism, foreign policy, American Empire, international banking 1969
Age of Permanent Revolution, The: A Trotsky Anthology Trotsky, Leon, Deutscher, Isaac 1969
Age of Persuasion, The: How Marketing Ate Our Culture O'Reilly, Terry, Tennant, Mike 2010
Age Of Propaganda Pratkanis, Anthony and Aronson, Elliot 1991
Age of Revolution, The: 1789-1848 Hobsbawm, E.J. 1996
Age of Suspicion, The Wechsler, James A. 1995
Age of Uncertainty, The: A History of Economic Ideas and Their Consequences Galbraith, John Kenneth 1977
Agency Trilogy, The Meltzer, David 1994
Agency, The: The Rise and Decline of the CIA Ranelagh, John American government, bureacracy, US History 1987
Agenda, The: Inside the Clinton White House Woodward, Bob Bill Clinton, US Government, White House administration 1994
Agents of Influence: How Japan Manipulates America's Political and Economic System Choate, Pat Lobbying, economic relations-Japan, political influence 1990
Agents of Repression : The FBI's Secret Wars Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement Churchill, Ward, Vander Wall, Jim FBI, police, political 1988
Agnes Smedley: The Life and Times of an American Radical MacKinnon, Janice R., MacKinnon, Stephen R. 1988
Agrarian Policies In Central America [N/A] Not Applicable, Pelupessy, Wim, Ruben, Ruerd 2000
Agrarian Question, The: Reformism in Latin America de Janvry, Alain 1981
Agrarian Socialism: The Cooperative Commonwealth Federation in Saskatchewan; A Study in Political Sociology Lipset, Seymour Martin Cooperative Commonwealth Federation 1968
Agrarian Structure and Political Power in Mexico Bartra, Roger Mexico 1993
Agribusiness in the Americas Burbach, Roger, Flynn, Patricia 1980
Aguirre : The Re-creation of a Sixteenth-Century Journey Across South America Minta, Stephen 1994
Ah, But Your Land is Beautiful Paton, Alan 1981
Ahead of Her Time : Abby Kelley and the Politics of Anti-Slavery Sterling, Dorothy Feminism, civil rights, abolitionism, anti-slavery 1991
Ahead of the Curve: Shaping New Solutions to Environmental Problems Taylor, Robert E.
Aid As Obstacle: Twenty Questions about our Foreign Aid and the Hungry Lappe, Frances Moore 1980
Aiding violence : the development enterprise in Rwanda Uvin, Peter 1998