Burning Spear, The: Voice of the International African Revolution

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African People's Socialist Party Newspaper. Publication frequency varied.  available at www.apspuhuru.org, and linked to UhuruRadio.com

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Special Edition 97 (Vol 21 #2)
Sept/Oct 97 (Vol 21 #3)
Feb/Apr 99, May 99/Apr 00, May/Jul 00
2003: Feb/Mar, Apr, May, Jun/Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec/Jan (2004)
2004: Feb/March, Mar/Apr, May/Jun/Jul, Jul/Oct, Nov/Dec
2005: Jan/Feb, Apr, Jun/Jul, Aug/Sept, Nov/Dec
2006:Jan/Mar, Apr/Jul, Aug, Nov
2007: March/July, Aug/Oct, Nov/Dec
Jan/Mar 2009, Nov/Jan 2010
2011: Dec-Mar, Apr-Jul
2013: Jul, Aug, Sept, Oct
2014: Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec
2015: Jan, Apr, Jul, Sept, Nov, Dec
2016: Jan, Feb, May, Jun, Sept, Dec
2017: Jan, Feb, Apr, May, Aug, Sept, Dec
African People's Socialist Party,