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"The Collective Press is a not-for-profit monthly publication based in (but not confined to) St. Augustine, FL. Its purpose is to provide an independent alternative to mainstream money-driven news sources, while fostering a greater sense of community among its readers and contributors. Every now and then we have a bit of fun."

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n6, Jun 05 (n7), Aug 05 (n8), Sept 05 (n9), Nov 05 (n10), Feb 06 (n11), July 06 (n13), Sept 06 (n14), Dec. 06 (n.15), Mar 07(n16), Aug 07(n17), Dec 07(n18), Mar 08(n19), Apr 08 (n20), n. 21, Oct. 08 (n22), n.23, n.24, June 09 (n.25),
Collective Press, St. Augustine, FL