Dark Night Field Notes

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www.darknightpress.org. DNFN is published by Dark Night Press & the dark night relatives who support the struggle for liberation of indigenous peoples, & thereby human liberation, by addressing the factors & conditions that make this necessary. For us the struggle for liberation involves the creation of circumstances in which relationships based on recognition of & respect for the interconnectedness among all living things are given primary value. DNFN is intended as a way for those deeply involved in the struggle for freedom to share their thoughts & experiences from the field - from the battle lines of that struggle. "Dark Night" in the publication's title recalls the word of Seattle who, two generations before the massacre at Wounded Knee on Dec. 29, 1890, forecast a future for his relatives which promised to be long & dark. The morning star symbol of our Cheyenne relatives has been incorporated in the title & nameplate of the publication to indicate that the end of this long night is approaching. Those whose words appear in the publication are engaged in ending the darkness.

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