3 Events: "City Repair", An Evening with Asra'a Mizyad, & OOA's 21st anniversary with Dennis Kucinich

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1. The Portland, Oregon "City Repair Project" with co-director Mak Lakeham. 12/7/04, 2 hrs. 2 mins.

2. An Evening with Asra'a Mizyad. With Medea Benjamin, Fernando Suarez del Solar, Tim Goodrich, Andy Manoff, & Cole Miller. 12/8/04 1 hr 48 mins.

3. Office of the Americas 21st Anniversary Celebration: "After the Election, the Struggle for Peace Continues" with Ed Asner, Karen Bass, Ramona Ripston, Rev. Jim Lawson, Ross Altman, & Hon. Dennis Kucinich. 11/14/04 2 hrs. 12 mins.