Accessory to Murder: Our Culture's Complicity in the Death of Ryan Skipper

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On March 14, 2007, 25 year old Ryan Skipper of Polk County Florida was brutally murdered because he was gay. William David Brown, Jr., age 20, and Joseph Eli Bearden, age 21, were indicted on first degree murder charges. In trial testimony, Bearden was quoted as saying, "he felt he was doing the world a favor by getting rid of one more faggot."

The heinous anti-gay murder received little media attention following irresponsible, erroneous and homophobic statements made by Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, that falsely linked Ryan to check fraud, and implied that Ryan was responsible for his own death. Much of the mainstream and gay media perpetuated Judd's statements without investigating the facts, and public interest was lost. Ryan Skipper was murdered, maligned and ignored all simply because he was gay.

This not-for-profit documentary, Accessory to Murder: Our Culture's Complicity in the Death of Ryan Skipper, explores the rampant homophobia which is present in our culture's institutions, from religion, education, law enforcement to politics. Our society and its leaders must bear responsibility for the murder of Ryan Skipper who lived in a culture that devalued and demeaned him, and ultimately targeted him for violence and death.