Burning Season, The: The Chico Mendes Story

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1013933 Item available 2-Discs
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David Puttnam
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Warner Home Video
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Some call him a hero. Others label him bad for business. But enemies of Brazilian rain forest activist Chico Mendes call him something else: a target.

In one of his last roles, Raul Julia plays a real-life hero Mendes in the powerful adventure The Burning Season.

Spurred into action after a key organizer of the rain forest's working poor is slain, Mendes stands firm against slash-and-burn deforestation. He becomes a non-violent activist, union leader, political candidate, and a recognized authority who helps alert the world to the plight of the Amazon. With unflinching courage, Mendes puts his principle to the test - even when the test means a deadly showdown with destiny.