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"China Blue" (2005), directed by Micha Peled, is a documentary that takes a deeply personal look at the sweatshop garment industry in China. Specifically, it focuses on the Lifeng Clothes Factory, a sweatshop ,where blue jeans are produced for Vigaze Jeans, a Turkish company. It is just one example of the thousands of garment factories in China that export garments to other countries, primarily first world countries, where the real profits are made.


The film focuses on Jasmine, a seventeen year old teenager, and her friends. Like other workers at the factory, they are forced to work from 8am to 2am, seven days a week. A worker shares a dormitory room that has no running water with twelve other women. Jasmine, like most of the other 130 million migrant Chinese factory workers, are forced into these conditions to attempt to help their families merely survive.


The film was shot clandestinely in China, without permission from the Chinese authorities. It shows you the human side of the clothing industry that the factory owners and international retail companies don't want you to see.