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Tom Miller's recent documentary Citizen Grapski is a brief glimpse into what it is like to attempt to be a citizen in the City of Alachua. Miller follows the story of Charlie Grapski and his encounters with the officials of Alachua for the past twelve months - from the legal challenge to last year's April election alleging improprieties by City officials to the even more controversial election of 2007 which was initially canceled by City officials after Grapski qualified.

Using actual audio and video Miller shows the political nature of the two arrests of Grapski by Clovis Watson (who is both the Police Commissioner and the City Manager) and Chief Robert Jernigan. See and hear for yourself what Grapski actually did to cause the City to have him arrested and at times to try and banish him from the City while he was a candidate for public office. But the essence of Miller's vision is to capture the heart of the problem in the City of Alachua. The documentary clearly shows the disconnect between citizens and the City government and the contempt that is shown when a citizens dares to stand up, ask questions, and demand answers. Follow Grapski's year-long efforts to obtain records from the City. Records that Florida's Constitution is supposed to guarantee to all citizens who ask to view them. What does the City have to hide is the question we are all left with.