Democracy Digest: Four Events on the Erosion of Human Rights & Civil Liberties in the US Since 9/11

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Democracy Digest Volume 88

1) Greg Palast: "The Armed Madhouse Class-War Bootcamp", at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, CA, 6/9/06; 1 hour 42 minutes.

2) Former US Army Muslim Chaplain James Yee, author of For God and Country: Faith & Patriotism Under Fire, at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, Los Angeles, CA, 10/23/05; 1 hour 29 minutes.

3) The Formerly Guantanamo-Detained Mirmehdi brothers participating in a forum entitled "Torture & Detentions: The Struggle for Human Rights & Civil Liberties since 9/11", also with Stephen Longfellow Fiske & Attorney Steve Rohde. At the Buddhist Friendship Center, Los Angeles, CA, 2/13/06; 2 hours 3 minutes.

4) Constitutional Lawyer Ann Fagan Ginger, executive director of the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute and editor of "Challenging US Human Rights Violations since 9/11", at the Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Church, North Hills, CA. 2/8/06; 1 hour 33 minutes.