Democracy Digest: Free Speech Movement @ 40 - Disc 3

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Democracy Digest Volume 71.3 (Disc 3 of 3)

Free Speech Movement 40th Anniversary Program: "Free Speech in a Dangerous Time"
UC Berkeley, October 4-10, 2004

Sections 10-13 of 13

10) Effective Stategies of Change II, with Steve Jacobson, Jackie Goldberg, Joan Blades, Raj Jayadev, Bettina Aptheker, & Gloria la Riva. 10/8/04, 2:11.

11) Rally Around a Police Car in Sproul Plaza, with Michael Rossman, Terry Garthwaite, Misha Leybovich, Robert Birgeneau, Rosha Jones & Hiraa Khan, Julia Vinograd, Jackie Goldberg, Howard Dean, Tony Sera, & Bob Kearney. 10/8/04, 1:40.

12) Part of a Teach-In on the Patriot Act, one of 12 Teach-Ins on Civil Liberties that took place around Sproul Plaza. With Ann Fagan Ginger & Stephen Bingham. 10/8/04, :32.

13) The 2000 Mario Savio Memorial Lectures by Mario Savio Award co-recipients Barbara Ehrenreich & Arlie Hochschild, with Young Activist Award Presentation. 10/17/2000, 1:51.