Democracy Digest: Reports from the Battle Lines

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Democracy Digest Volume 93: Reports from the Battle Lines

1) Noam Chomsky, author of "Failed States" on "The Four Current Crises in the Middle East". at MIT on 9/21/06; 1:51

2) Paul Scott, subject of the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car", speaking at the Sepulveda UU Church, Northridge, CA, on 9/12/06' 1:24

3) Helen Caldicott, author of "Nuclear Power is Not the Answer", speaks on this and other issues at Scripps College, Clairmont, CA on 10/10/06; :67

4) AWOL Army Specialist Augustin Aguayo details opposition to Iraq War just prior to turning himself in. Los Angeles, CA on 9/26/06; :48

5) Michael Parenti, author of "The Culture Struggle", speaking for Activist San Diego on 9/30/06; 1:28