Democracy Digest: "Take Back the House" & 3 events on Election Reform

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Democracy Digest Volume 80

1) "Take Back the House" with General Wesley Clark, Stephanie Miller of Air America, Michael Warner, John Heaner, Rick Jacobs, and Francine Busby. At Hollywood UMC, Los Angeles, CA 2/4/06, 1 hour 3 minutes.

2) "Empowering America to Take Back the Vote" with Bev Harris. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Vista, CA, 2/25/05, 1 hour 49 minutes.

3) Clean Money Initiative Fundraiser at the home of Ted Williams. Los Angeles, CA, 10/18/05, 1 hour 14 minutes.

4) Public Hearing on the Experiences of States that have Instituted Public Funding of Elections. At the Ronald Reagan Office Building, Los Angeles, CA, 10/19/05, 2 hours 50 minutes.