Fight in the Fields, The: Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers' Struggle

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The Fight in the Fields follows the first successful organizing drive of farm workers in the United States, while recounting the many failed and dramatic attempts to unionize that led up to this victory. Among the many barriers to organizing was the Bracero Program, which flooded the fields with Mexican contract workers between World War II and the 1960s.

Woven through this historical mosaic is the story of Chávez' life:
-his adolescence as a migrant farmworker
-his early days as a community organizer
-his marriage to Helen Chávez, whose support allowed him to commit to the movement
-his successful efforts to unionize farmworkers
-his dramatic fasts which kept the eyes of the country's press on the issue and the striking workers committed to non-violence
-the pivotal 300-mile march he led from Delano to Sacramento
-and his friendship and landmark political alliance with Robert Kennedy.

The Fight in the Fields: Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers' Struggle is not a traditional biography. It is social history with Chávez as the central figure, and the stories of many ordinary people who were part of the movement.