Little Brother Big Pharma

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Danny was first put on Thorazine when he was 12. Born in 1951, perhaps he was ordained for drugs one way or another. According to Robert Whitaker in Mad in America, "By 1970 more than 50 percent of the mentally disabled children in America were being drugged." From the time Danny was first given Thorazine, he has never, until recently, envisioned a life without drugs. Like a 21st century Frankenstein creation, he is pieced together by pink, yellow and white pills.

This film is about Danny's journey and his struggle to get off or reduce the mind numbing, antipsychotic drugs. Along the way we hear from other survivors, psychiatrists, authors and mental health workers, as each thoughtfully considers the current treatment paradigm in America.

With Special Features:

*Hitler's Model: The Eugenics Movement in America
*Modern Electroshock Treatment
*Danny in the 21st century