Unprecedented: The 2000 Election

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This film is not liberal nonsense, as one author stated. It is the truth and the republican machine does not want you to see this. Pull away the curtain and see for yourself how the GOP stole the election, in large measure, on the backs of African Americans in Florida.

This is a gripping and chilling documentary that you may have to rest after seeing, as it will scare the hell out of you. I think it should be aired on a daily basis every day up to the election--on at least one commercial channel so people will know the truth and not be blinded by the GOP machine.

This is a well done piece of film making. It is also probably the scariest thing you will ever see on film.

Seek it out, make copies and share with those you care about. It may not be long before the truth will no longer be available in this society. If you think I'm kidding, view this film and see for yourself.