World According to Monsanto , The

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"The World According to Monsanto" paints a grim picture of a company with a long track record of environmental crimes and health scandals. Monsanto is linked
to the production and promotion of highly toxic chemicals such as Agent Orange and PCBs. The film reveals that Monsanto knew about the "systematic toxic effects" of its products, but instructed its salespeople to stay silent because, "we can't afford to lose one dollar."

The story starts in the White House, where Monsanto often got its way by exerting disproportionate influence over policymakers. Thanks to these intimate links between Monsanto and government agencies, the US adopted GE foods and crops without proper testing, without consumer labeling and in spite of serious questions hanging over their safety. The film continues abroad, documenting Monsanto's malpractices in India and South America and the devastating consequences. Come out for a eye-opening film about one of America's shadiest companies.