Youth For Human Rights

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Directed by Taron Lexton.

10-minute educational documentary brings human rights to life for everyone. This powerful film defines human rights by telling the dramatic story of their history from earliest times to today. Available in 16 languages.
This DVD has a series of thirty public service announcements, one portraying each of the thirty human rights of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is a breakthrough tool in the teaching of human rights, premiering at the UN New York headquarters and shown all over the world. Directed by Taron Lexton, who is the creator of the film, UNITED, also on this DVD. Winner of more than a dozen international awards—including Best Short Film at the New York International Film Festival—this 5-minute video is a street-savvy, multiethnic human rights music video. Educators, police and youth workers use this film to promote human rights and advocate nonviolence in their work with young people.