93 videos

Title Director Other creator Producer Keywords Year
"Gangs of Iraq" America at the Crossroads
"Gaza Strip" ; What the West Doesn't Know
"In Search Of Bin Laden" CNN Special Report
ACLU "Youth Speaks" Freedom Files, The Kagan, Jeremy Kagan, Jeremy civil liberties, youth 2006
Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death Doran, Jamie 2003
Amy Goodman, Ray McGovern,Dolores Huerta, Cindy Sheehan, Jodie Evans and More: Voices of Clarity and Conscience
Bandit Queen Kapur, Shekhar Bobby Bedi female empowerment, India 1994
Battleground: 21 Days on the Empire's Edge Guerilla News Network Iraq War, Guerilla News Network 2004
Bet Herut: The End of the Beginning Preis, Eran 2004
Beyond Vietnam: Lessons Unlearned Vets for Peace Vietnam War
Black Gold: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Mark & Nick Francis 2006
Blood and Oil 2008
Blood and Oil: The Middle East in World War 1 Callaghan, Marty French, Turkey, World War 1, British 2006
Cambodia: Return to Year Zero John Pilger, David Munro
Caught in the Crossfire Media, Conception 2005
China Blue Director Micha Peled 2005
Chronicles Of A Refugee Palestinian Refugee 2008
Cold War in Cuba / Gulf Crisis--Road to War
Daily Baghdad Goupil, Romain 2004
Democracy Digest: Election Protection Forum Democracy Digest 2007
Democracy Digest: Galloway, Fisk, Klein and Vidal - 4 Perspectives on US Foreign Policy Democracy Digest 2006
Democracy Digest: Obstacles to Peace in Israel and Palestine - 3 Events Democracy Digest 2006
Democracy Digest: Reports from the Battle Lines Democracy Digest 2007
Democracy Digest: Speaking the Unspeakable - US Crimes Against Humanity Democracy Digest 2006
Democracy Digest: Two Events with US Representative Maxine Waters Democracy Digest 2005
East Timor & Indonesia Noam Chomsky on 3 lectures
Education of Shelby Knox, The Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt 2006
Encounter Point Avni, Ronit, Bacha, Julia 2006
F.S.T.V 7/18/02 Democracy Now China, Columbia, Democracy Now, cartoons, Defense Monitor, Fr. Roy Bourgeois, School of the Americas, Media That Matters Filmfest, Youth vs. Media, Billboard Alteration, Getting Away With Murder, Corporate Crime 2002
Fall of Womenland, The He, Xiaodan 2009
From the Killing Fields: The Possible U.S. Assistance of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge Jennings, Peter
Frontiers of Dreams and Fears-The Children Of Shatila
Gate of Heavenly Peace, The: Part I Tiananmen Square 1995
Gate of Heavenly Peace, The: Part II Tianamen Square Demonstrations 1989
Gaza Strip Longley, James 2004
Good Fight, The: The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Buckner, Noel/ Dore, Mary
Gunner Palace Tucker, Michael, Epperlein, Petra Iraq War 2004
Hearts and Minds Davis, Peter
Hearts and Minds Davis, Peter
Hidden Wars of Desert Storm Productions, Free-Will gulf war secrets 2001
Hotel Palestine- Killing the Witness Rodriguez, Olga 2005
Hotel Palestine- killing the witness Rodriguez, Olga 2005
Hotel Palestine: Killing the Witness telecinco
Inside Iraq: The Untold Stories Shiley, Mike 2004
Iran (Is Not the Problem) Newman, Aaron 2008
Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers Greenwald, Robert 2006
Iron Wall, The Alatar, Mohammed Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) Executive Producer - Terry Boullata, Palestinians for Peace 2006
Jenin Jenin; Tales from the camp -The Checkpoint: The Palestinians access to Jerusalem After 1986
Jerusalem The East Side Story Alatar, Mohammed Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) Executive Producer - Terry Boullata Middle East 2008
Jerusalem: An Occupation Set In Stone