83 videos

Title Director Other creator Producer Keywords Year
All God's Children Solary, Scott, Westphal, Luci 2008
Amnesty International HBO December 10, 1988 HBO, Amnesty International
Arlington West Unkown
Arlington West Dudar, Peter Veterans for Peace, Iraq War 2004
Bandit Queen Kapur, Shekhar Bobby Bedi female empowerment, India 1994
BBC sitcoms BBC
Berkeley of the South Persley 2004
Beyond Vietnam: Lessons Unlearned Vets for Peace Vietnam War
Brother's Keeper
Burning Times (Cathy and Evelyn), The
C-Span, 12/30/96
Call To Action! Headwaters 1997
Cambodia: Return to Year Zero John Pilger, David Munro
Charlie Rose-Charlie Rose
China Blue Director Micha Peled 2005
Codes of Gender, The jhally, sut Advertising Objectification of Beauty 2008
Contras on Campus at UF--first segment / Dear America--Letter from Vietnam Contras, Vietnam War
Cracker Crazy: Invisible Histories of the Sunshine State Koszulinski, Georg 2007
Daughters of Free Men American Social History Productions
Daughters of Free Men American Social History Productions
East Timor & Indonesia Noam Chomsky on 3 lectures
Emperor of Hemp Herer, Jack
Experiencing the Darkness--Oral History Panel--My Lai Conference Fertel, Randy
Fall of Womenland, The He, Xiaodan 2009
Falun Gong: The Real Story (Part 1/2) Produced for Falun Gong People's Republic of China, Falun Gong, Falun Dafa, meditation
Farm, The: Angola Life in Lousiana State Penn USA / A&E 1998
From the Killing Fields: The Possible U.S. Assistance of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge Jennings, Peter
Full Circle (With membership drive)
Future We Will Create: Inside the World of TED, The Zuniga, Daphne, Latham, Steven technology 2007
Gate of Heavenly Peace, The: Part I Tiananmen Square 1995
Gate of Heavenly Peace, The: Part II Tianamen Square Demonstrations 1989
Goddes Remembered, The (Dottie). [also, The Burning Times (Cathy and Evelyn); and Full Circle (With membership drive)]
Hearts and Minds Davis, Peter
Hearts and Minds Davis, Peter
In Our Own Words: Personal Accounts of Eating Disorders
Indonesia: Shadow Play (Indonesia 1965) / NOW / Noam Chomsky's Talk at Harvard PBS / Bill Moyers / Noam Chomsky Indonesia
Justifiable Homocide The Cinema Guild, Inc. police, excessive force, brutality, Latin American, po-po's, acitivism 2001
Killing Fields, The Putnam, David, producer Cambodia, Torture, war, reporter, Thailand, Khemer Rouge, 1975, combat, Dith Pran, Sydney Schanberg, starvation
Kilowatt Ours: A Plan to Re-energize America Barrie, Jeff 2005
Korean General Strike News 1, 2 Dec. 1996-Jan. 1997 (in Korean) Democratic Labor Union Alliance (82-2) 765-2010 888-5123 1997
Korean Labor Movement, The 1987-1997 Democratic Labor Union Alliance korean labor movement; southeast asia
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition 2008
Leave My Child Alone Democracy for America 2005
Massacre in East Timor
Media Blanks Out on Health Care Reform, The Paper Tiger TV
Media That Matters Summer, Galen media 2010
Men Who Killed Kennedy, The - Tape 1 and 2 A&E Investigative Report 10
Men Who Killed Kennedy, The - Tapes 3 and 4 A&E Investigative Report
Military on Campus, The Center for Defense Information 1992
My America. Tajima-Pena, Renee