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Title Director Other creator Producer Keywords Year
American Experience PBS series: Fidel Castro Bosch, Adriana 2004
American Experience PBS series: Fidel Castro Bosch, Adriana 2004
And the Band Played On
Argentina: Hope in Hard Times Dworkin, Mark and Melissa Young 2004
Assassination of Hugo Chavez, The Palast, Greg Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, IMF, International Monetary Fund, Mexico, Ecuador
Black and Gold: The Latin King and Queen Nation Big Noise Films Black Panthers, street gangs, Young Lords, Latin Kings, Latin King and Queen Nation, Political Street Organization
BOP/Missile Crisis (Cuba) Firing line debate
Burning Season, The: The Chico Mendes Story Frankheimer, John David Puttnam 1994
Che Soderbergh, Steven Cuba, Fidel Castro, dictatorships 2008
Chiapas 1998: The Bad Harvest Chiapas Media Project 1998
Cocalero Landes, Alejandro Bolivia, Evo Morales, Coca farmer 2007
Crisis in Central America (1985) / Writers' Vietnam / Soldier of Peace: Nam Vet CA
Crossing the Line Maryknoll World Productions and Susan Sarandon 1999
Cuba Calls: We Must Answer 2005
Cuba Va
Cuba--The Uncompromising Revolution Landau, Saul 1988
Damned from the War in Chiapas, The: Interrview with Subcomandante Marcos Communique 1998
Defending the Forests: The Struggle of the Campesino Environmentalists of Guerrero Chiapas Media Project Latin America, NAFTA, forests 2000
Defense Monitor: War powers Act. [also, Defense Monitor: Relations With Cuba (650-1095)]
Defense Monitor: Relations With Cuba
Democracy in Cuba August, Arnold
Democracy Now: Abner Louima Juror Speaks; FSTV: Colombia Nevada War Times
Education in Resistance: Autonomous Education in Chiapas Chiapas Media Project 2000
Education in Resistance: Autonomous Education in Chiapas 2000
El Gigante Federico, Bruno, Ciacci y Consuelo Nuevo, Andrea Colombia, Flooding 2012
Fast for Life, The--Friendshipment 5 1995; Cuba Calls, We Must Answer 1995
Fast for Life, The IFCO/Pastors for Peace
From the Belly of the Beast: Aren't We Lucky to Live Here? Willson, Brian Labor, radio free Maine 1998
Grenada Invasion--Operation Urgent Fury / La Penca Bombing--Murder on the Rio San Juan Frontline 2
Guatemala: Dream of the Land/ El Salvador: A Time for Victory El Salvador Media Project
Haiti--Dreams of Dancing part 3
Hidden in Plain Sight Raven's Call Production
Hidden in Plain Sight Smihula, John 2003
In the Company of Fear: Human Rights work in Columbia 1999
International Peace for Cuba Appeal Ramsey Clark, Alice Walker, Walker, Alice 2004
Jean Claude Martineau on Images of Immigration: Haiti Haiti, Immigration, Martineau
Killing the Dream. [also, Haiti--Dreams of Dancing part 3] Dalton, Brian
La Americana Bruckman, Nicholas, Mattiuzzi, John 2008
Last Supper, the
Life of Che Guevara, The
Marcos' Message to Freeing the Media Mexico, media, Marcos 1997
Maria's Story 1991
Murder on the Rio San Juan--the La Penca Bombing Frontline
My Footsteps in Baragua Rolando, Gloria 1996
Nightline: Panama One Year After; TV 20 News--Cullerton (Orlando); and Face of Ch 17--Camil & Cullerton; FACT TV--Camil & Davies Nightline
Palante Siempre Palante--the Young Lords Morales, Iris 1996
Place called Chiapas, A Wild, Nettie 1998
Plan Colombia: Cashing-in on the Drug-War Failure Ungerman, Gerard, Brohy, Audrey 2003
Poquito de Tanta Verdad: A Little Bit of So Much Truth, Un Freidberg, Jill 2007