72 videos

Title Director Other creator Producer Keywords Year
1989 Abortion Rights Rallies coverage Tallahassee 10/10 Wash DC 11/12 Abortion Rights, Womens' Studies 10
1992 NOW March, Washington DC NOW 1992
Abortion Diaries, The Lane, Penny 2005
Abortion: The New Civil War Peter Jennings Report, NBC 1989
ACLU Freedom Files: Women's Rights ACLU and Robert Greenwald 1996
ACLU Freedom Files: Women's Rights ACLU and Robert Greenwald 1996
ACLU Freedom Files: Women's Rights ACLU and Robert Greenwald 2006
Adams in America Ireland
Adams, Gerry: 3/17/96
Adams, Gerry: 5/29/96
April 5, 1992 Washington DC Abortion Rights 4
Behind the Mask: Irish Way's
Belfast 1997 March Rights & Wrongs
Bell Hooks: Race, Gender, and Representation Amott activism, Feminism, Women 1992
Black Gold: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Mark & Nick Francis 2006
Bloody Sunday
Campus NOW Abortion Speakout: Gainesville, UF Plaza of the Americas activism, Feminism, right to life, Women, Abortion 1996
Campus NOW Speakout [also, Women Resist Male Power] 2
Can You Hear Me Now Grrl
Case of Lisa Marquise and Margaret, The
Children Of The Crocodile 2001
Don't Take My Daddy- deportee document
Edge of Union: McGuinness 86'
Education of Shelby Knox, The Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt 2006
Filming Desire, A Journey Through Women's Cinema (Filmer Le Desir) 2000
Films of Martha Colburn, the 1999
Good Fight, The: The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Buckner, Noel/ Dore, Mary
Heretics, The Braderman, Joan 2009
IRA adn Sinn Fein, the: part 2
IRA and Sinn Fein, the: part 1
IRA and Sinn Fein, the: part 2
Irish Deportee Hearings: 2/97
Irish Famine, the
Irish In America
Irish Music America
Irish Rock Music
Josie Mcdermott; At the Edge of the union; Paltry Interview; the Dead
Justice for Women NOW Rally Oct 9, 1999
Limits of Choice Persephone Productions 2005
Loved, Honored & Bruised
Motherhood Manifesto MomsRising.Org 2010
My Terrorist 2002
N.O.W. 20th anniversary (WS8)
News TV20 10/9/99 Plaza Rally activism, Feminism, Women 1999
Omagh Travis, Pete 2005
Pentagon War in Bosnia Teach-In in NYS OCt. 1995, The Peoples Video Network 39 west 14 street #206 NY, NY 10011 (212) 633-6646 1
Pozner/Donahue on Zhirinovsky NBC Nightly News Russian Elections
Pyramid of Women, A Kanekar, Cheryl 2004
Remote Sensing 2001