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Title Director Other creator Producer Keywords Year
4/21 Prison Issues Democracy Now
ACLU "Youth Speaks" Freedom Files, The Kagan, Jeremy Kagan, Jeremy civil liberties, youth 2006
Commanding Heights 4/02 Democracy Now
Dem. Now - E.Timor 5/12/02 Democracy Now
Dem. Now - Jen Harburg, Children of Jerusalem Democracy Now
Dem. Now 4/16/02 Democracy Now
Dem. Now Judi Bari 6/12/02 Democracy Now
Democracy Now - Chris Hedges
Democracy Now - Health Care Issues, Howard Dean India, Pakistan, Jenin, Manufacturing Consent
Democracy Now - Post Bush at UN, Iraq, Bopahl patriot act, Moyers, Farming
Democracy Now 10/16/03, Bolivia Unrest, Tariq Ali - Bush in Babylon Michael Moore, Wesley Clarck
Democracy Now - Anti War Issues, Electronic Intifata, Elsalvador
Democracy Now/ Battle for Minds/Stop the Church/FCC Story FSTV
Democracy Now: Historians Reflection on War on Iraq Democracy Now
Democracy Now/Iraq Voices From The Street/Hidden Wars FSTV
Democracy Now/Liberty For All/Mobile Eyes on creating peace FSTV
Democracy Now: Ready Care Issues Howard Dean, Kurds Doc. Democracy Now Howard Dean, Kurds
Democracy Now - Rosenbergs, fstv News, Militarized Police in Seattle Moyers, Burma Refugees, Queer Youth
Democracy Now/ Vietnam Documentary/ D.C. Demo/ Money For Nothing FSTV
Democracy Now - War Debate, Huey Newton Interview, Hidden Wars of Desert Storm, World Ecomomic Forum protest
Democracy Now, 10/16/03 Democracy Now
Democracy Now/ IN News FSTV
Democracy Now: 1/23/03 Democracy Now
Democracy Now: 10/10/02 Democracy Now
Democracy Now: 4/24/03 Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Book TV Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Bush and Iraq-Patriot Act Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Chris Hodges Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Dyke News, Jello Biafra Democracy Now
Democracy Now: IMF Protest Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Impact of Kosovo War Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Iraq War Teach-Ins Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Mumia Abu-Jamal Democracy Now
Democracy Now: NOW Democracy Now
Democracy Now: NYC Anti-War Protest Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Protest in Italy Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Rosenbergs 50th Aniv. Democracy Now
Democracy Now: The Last Zapatistas Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Voices of the Amazon Democracy Now
Dyke TV Deep Dish; 6/13/02 Democracy Now
Enviro. Close-Up, Books Not Bars, Dem. Now Democracy Now
F.S.T.V 7/18/02 Democracy Now China, Columbia, Democracy Now, cartoons, Defense Monitor, Fr. Roy Bourgeois, School of the Americas, Media That Matters Filmfest, Youth vs. Media, Billboard Alteration, Getting Away With Murder, Corporate Crime 2002
F.S.T.V. #21 2002
F.S.T.V. #25
F.S.T.V. (NYC Afghanistan trip; WEF, Palestinians) Democracy Now Middle East, Afghanistan, Palestine, Noam Chomsky, palestinians
F.S.T.V. (Propaganda in Advertisement) Democracy Now Propaganda in Advertisement 2002
F.S.T.V. 1/18/02 Democracy Now Terrorism, discrimination, Afghanistan, Enron, Philippines, Guns, Tibet, Israel, Ireland, racial profiling, bombs, Palestinian, FAIR 2002
F.S.T.V. 1/23/02 Democracy Now capitalism, Tibet, Democracy Now, World in Crisis, Latino Culture in America, Packing Heat, America's Defense Monitor 2002
F.S.T.V. 1/3/02 Democracy Now Terrorism, Afghanistan, Corporations, gay, Monsanto, Phillip Berrigan 2002
F.S.T.V. 11/26/01; Democracy Now & Chomsky Democracy Now war, politics, investigation, WTO, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Noam Chomsky, Just Solutions, War and Peace Report, Street Report, Showdown in Seattle: 5 Days That Shook the WTO 2001