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Title Director Other creator Producer Keywords Year
4/21 Prison Issues Democracy Now
Commanding Heights 4/02 Democracy Now
Dem. Now - E.Timor 5/12/02 Democracy Now
Dem. Now - Jen Harburg, Children of Jerusalem Democracy Now
Dem. Now 4/16/02 Democracy Now
Dem. Now Judi Bari 6/12/02 Democracy Now
Democracy Now - Anti War Issues, Electronic Intifata, Elsalvador
Democracy Now - Chris Hedges
Democracy Now - Health Care Issues, Howard Dean India, Pakistan, Jenin, Manufacturing Consent
Democracy Now - Post Bush at UN, Iraq, Bopahl patriot act, Moyers, Farming
Democracy Now - Rosenbergs, fstv News, Militarized Police in Seattle Moyers, Burma Refugees, Queer Youth
Democracy Now - War Debate, Huey Newton Interview, Hidden Wars of Desert Storm, World Ecomomic Forum protest
Democracy Now 10/16/03, Bolivia Unrest, Tariq Ali - Bush in Babylon Michael Moore, Wesley Clarck
Democracy Now, 10/16/03 Democracy Now
Democracy Now: 1/23/03 Democracy Now
Democracy Now: 10/10/02 Democracy Now
Democracy Now: 4/24/03 Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Book TV Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Bush and Iraq-Patriot Act Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Chris Hodges Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Dyke News, Jello Biafra Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Historians Reflection on War on Iraq Democracy Now
Democracy Now: IMF Protest Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Impact of Kosovo War Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Iraq War Teach-Ins Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Mumia Abu-Jamal Democracy Now
Democracy Now: NOW Democracy Now
Democracy Now: NYC Anti-War Protest Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Protest in Italy Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Ready Care Issues Howard Dean, Kurds Doc. Democracy Now Howard Dean, Kurds
Democracy Now: Rosenbergs 50th Aniv. Democracy Now
Democracy Now: The Last Zapatistas Democracy Now
Democracy Now: Voices of the Amazon Democracy Now
Democracy Now/ Battle for Minds/Stop the Church/FCC Story FSTV
Democracy Now/ IN News FSTV
Democracy Now/ Vietnam Documentary/ D.C. Demo/ Money For Nothing FSTV
Democracy Now/Iraq Voices From The Street/Hidden Wars FSTV
Democracy Now/Liberty For All/Mobile Eyes on creating peace FSTV
Dyke TV Deep Dish; 6/13/02 Democracy Now
Enviro. Close-Up, Books Not Bars, Dem. Now Democracy Now
F.S.T.V. (NYC Afghanistan trip; WEF, Palestinians) Democracy Now Middle East, Afghanistan, Palestine, Noam Chomsky, palestinians
F.S.T.V. (Propaganda in Advertisement) Democracy Now Propaganda in Advertisement 2002
F.S.T.V. #21 2002
F.S.T.V. #25
F.S.T.V. 1/18/02 Democracy Now Terrorism, discrimination, Afghanistan, Enron, Philippines, Guns, Tibet, Israel, Ireland, racial profiling, bombs, Palestinian, FAIR 2002
F.S.T.V. 1/23/02 Democracy Now capitalism, Tibet, Democracy Now, World in Crisis, Latino Culture in America, Packing Heat, America's Defense Monitor 2002
F.S.T.V. 1/3/02 Democracy Now Terrorism, Afghanistan, Corporations, gay, Monsanto, Phillip Berrigan 2002
F.S.T.V. 11/26/01; Democracy Now & Chomsky Democracy Now war, politics, investigation, WTO, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Noam Chomsky, Just Solutions, War and Peace Report, Street Report, Showdown in Seattle: 5 Days That Shook the WTO 2001
F.S.T.V. 12/18/01 Democracy Now Abortion, al-Qaeda, Somalia, Democracy Now! In Exile, War in Peace Report, Haiti coup attempt, Another World Is Possible, Jeremy Glick, Jee Kim, U.S. Policy In the Middle East, Cornell West, progressive politics, Jane: An Abortion Service, Da Bomb Mad Media War, All I See Is What I Know, Indian Cars, Sex: Say Know To It teens on sex, Clay Pride: Being Clay in America, growing up gay 2001
F.S.T.V. 12/26/01; F.S.T.V. 12/27/01 Democracy Now Race, war, peace, gender, Reclaim the Streets, women in movies, Thailand, Manifastoon, Amy Goodman, NATO, bombing the Balkans, journalists of color, showdown in Seattle 2001