59 videos

Title Director Other creator Producer Keywords Year
1989 Abortion Rights Rallies coverage Tallahassee 10/10 Wash DC 11/12 Abortion Rights, Womens' Studies 10
1992 NOW March, Washington DC NOW 1992
Abortion Diaries, The Lane, Penny 2005
Abortion: The New Civil War Peter Jennings Report, NBC 1989
Accessory to Murder: Our Culture's Complicity in the Death of Ryan Skipper Nantz, Vicki, Meeks, Mary Gay Rights, hate crimes 2008
ACLU Freedom Files: Gay and Lesbian Rights ACLU and Robert Greenwald
ACLU Freedom Files: Women's Rights ACLU and Robert Greenwald 1996
ACLU Freedom Files: Women's Rights ACLU and Robert Greenwald 1996
ACLU Freedom Files: Women's Rights ACLU and Robert Greenwald 2006
April 5, 1992 Washington DC Abortion Rights 4
Ask Not don't ask don't tell, US Armed Forces 2008
Bell Hooks: Race, Gender, and Representation Amott activism, Feminism, Women 1992
Bi the Way Blockman, Brittany, Decker, Josephine 2008
Campus NOW Abortion Speakout: Gainesville, UF Plaza of the Americas activism, Feminism, right to life, Women, Abortion 1996
Campus NOW Speakout [also, Women Resist Male Power] 2
Can You Hear Me Now Grrl
Case of Lisa Marquise and Margaret, The
Celluloid Closet, The Howard Rosenman, bernie brillstein, brad grey 1996
Children Of The Crocodile 2001
Execution. [also, And the Band Played On]
Filming Desire, A Journey Through Women's Cinema (Filmer Le Desir) 2000
Films of Martha Colburn, the 1999
Gay & Lesbian Pride Washington DC April 25, 1993 4
Gay Marriage Thing, The Higgins, Stephanie 2006
Heretics, The Braderman, Joan 2009
Homecoming Queens drag queen
Justice for Women NOW Rally Oct 9, 1999
Limits of Choice Persephone Productions 2005
Loved, Honored & Bruised
Motherhood Manifesto MomsRising.Org 2010
My Terrorist 2002
N.O.W. 20th anniversary (WS8)
News TV20 10/9/99 Plaza Rally activism, Feminism, Women 1999
Odds One Out 2008
Out There III--Gay and Lesbian Comedians on Comedy Central Comedy Central, scott thompson 10
Pain, Profit, and Politics of AIDS, The Null, Gary 1992
Power of Harmony, The Martin, Ginny
Pyramid of Women, A Kanekar, Cheryl 2004
Remote Sensing 2001
Runaway 2001
Safe Schools Program for Gay and Lesbian Students Massachusetts Department of Education students, queer, school, gay, lesbian
Senorita Extraviada 2001
Shape of Water, The Bhavnani, Kum-Kum 2006
Shape of Water, The Bhavnani, Kum-Kum Zavistovski, Monique , Harnack, Matthew Kum-Kum Bhavnani 2006
Small Town Gay Bar Ingram, Malcolm 2006
Smashing the Myth Up!, Listen
Some Real Heat 2001
Susan B. Anthony Elizabeth Cady Stanton part 1 11
Susan B. Anthony Elizabeth Cady Stanton part 2 11
Ten More Good Years Jacoby, Michael 2008