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Title Director Other creator Producer Keywords Year
"Gangs of Iraq" America at the Crossroads
"Gaza Strip" ; What the West Doesn't Know
"Give Us the Names" Organizing for Justice- The 9/11 detainees
"In Search Of Bin Laden" CNN Special Report
Abortion: Desperate Choices [also, Saddam's Killing Fields]
About Baghdad Productions, Incounter
Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death Doran, Jamie 2003
Al Arian at University of Florida palestinians
Amy Goodman, Ray McGovern,Dolores Huerta, Cindy Sheehan, Jodie Evans and More: Voices of Clarity and Conscience
Arming of Saudi Arabia Frontline
Armutlu Massacre, The Turkey, Death Fast, F-type prisons
Battle of Algiers
Battleground: 21 Days on the Empire's Edge Guerilla News Network Iraq War, Guerilla News Network 2004
Bet Herut: The End of the Beginning Preis, Eran 2004
Blood and Oil 2008
Blood and Oil: The Middle East in World War 1 Callaghan, Marty French, Turkey, World War 1, British 2006
Bush's role in the arming of Iraq before the war Nightline 6
Canticle of the Stones
Caught in the Crossfire Media, Conception 2005
Chronicles Of A Refugee Palestinian Refugee 2008
Cold War in Cuba / Gulf Crisis--Road to War
Daily Baghdad Goupil, Romain 2004
Democracy Digest: Election Protection Forum Democracy Digest 2007
Democracy Digest: Galloway, Fisk, Klein and Vidal - 4 Perspectives on US Foreign Policy Democracy Digest 2006
Democracy Digest: Obstacles to Peace in Israel and Palestine - 3 Events Democracy Digest 2006
Democracy Digest: Reports from the Battle Lines Democracy Digest 2007
Democracy Digest: Speaking the Unspeakable - US Crimes Against Humanity Democracy Digest 2006
Democracy Digest: Two Events with US Representative Maxine Waters Democracy Digest 2005
Encounter Point Avni, Ronit, Bacha, Julia 2006
Fanny & Alexander. [also, UN debate on Iraq] Bergman, Ingmar
Fear and Favor in the Newsroom [also, Gulf War Retrospective] Terkel, Studs
Frontiers of Dreams and Fears-The Children Of Shatila
Frontiers of Dreams and Fears, The Children of Shatila
Gaza Strip Longley, James 2004
Gaza Strip, Scenes from the Longing
Genocide by Sanction International Action Center Medicine for Iraq 39 West 14th Street, #206 NY, NY 10011 (212) 633-6646
Genocide by Sanctions Ramsey Clark, Dennis Halliday, Hans Von Sponeck, Rev JAmes Cawon, Michael Shenadan
Glory & the Power: Fundamentalism Observed - Fighting Back. [also, Glory & the Power: Fundamentalisms Observed - The Land] PBSC
Glory & the Power: Fundamentalisms Observed - The Land
Ground War at Home - Iraq War Resistance 1991
Gulf War Illness: Fact or Fiction? American Gulf War Veteran's Association 2
Gulf War Illness: Fact or Fiction?
Gulf War retrospective [also, Fear & Favor in the Newsroom] Frontline
Gulf War Syndrome Alberto d'Onofrio, Alpha-Bet Pictures. contact AGWVA @ 1 800 231 7631 for more info
Gulf War Syndrome: Aftermath of a Toxic Battlefield Johnson, Alison
Gunner Palace Tucker, Michael, Epperlein, Petra Iraq War 2004
Haij, The - One American's Pilgrimage to Mecca ABC News religion, Middle East, Muslim, Islam, Mecca 1997
Hidden Wars of Desert Storm Productions, Free-Will gulf war secrets 2001
Home Front, The [also, After the War] Moyers, Bill 5
Hotel Palestine- Killing the Witness Rodriguez, Olga 2005