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Title Director Other creator Producer Keywords Year
World Stopped Watching, The 2003
World Stopped Watching, The Nicaragua, Contra War
World Stopped Watching, The 2003
World Population: A Graphic Simulation of the History of Human Population Growth
World Peace Day Vidal, Gore
World Is Watching, The
World is Watching, The
World in Crisis Democracy Now Democracy Now, World in Crisis, Not In My Garden, Casualty Phobia, Kalan Sutta, Current Conditions In Burma, A Democracy In Crisis, Sewing Seeds, Reaping Peace 2002
World According to Monsanto , The Robin, Marie Monique
Work and Time - Reinventing the World (Series) Bullfrog Films 2000
Women in Arms: The Nicaraguan Case
Without Borders Turner Broadcasting, TBS
Winter Soldier Pictures, Persistent Vietnam veterans against the war
Wilderness: The Last Stand Miranda Smith Productions 1993
Who's Afraid of the Little Yellow School Bus?--U.S.-Cuba Friendshipment 2
Who's Afraid of the Little Yellow School Bus?
Who Helped Iraq? [also, Black America's War] Nightline 3
Who Bombed Judi Bari? Thomson, Mary Liz Cherney, Darryl Russian, Subtitles in Spanish, German, Chinese; activism 2014
Where the Buffalo Roam, Thin Green Line Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers
When the Mountains Tremble Newton, Thomas Sigel and Pamela Yates 1983
When the Mountain Trembles: Guatemala
What a Way to Go : life at the end of empire Bennett, S. Timothy 2007
Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary Torres, Arturo Perez, Haynes, Heather immigrant 2005
Western Shoshone Defense--Curren Mining Issue--Deis--Pipe line--Cortez 1
Western Shoshone Defense Project: Current Mining Issue (November, 1994) VOX (702) 468-0230 FAX (702) 468-0237 1994
We Have Other Plans Green Valley Media
Water, Food, Shelter: The Basics Trilogy 2007
War Looms FSTV
Wall, The Brunner, Benny 2003
Voices of Iraq 2004
Voices of Iraq 2004
Voices From Panama: Independent Commission of Inquiry on U.S. Invasion
Voices from Panama--Independent Commission of Inquiry on U.S. Invasion 36 E. 12th St. b Floor NY NY 212 254 2295
Viva La Causa: 500 Years of Chicano History Collision Course Video Productions Latin America
Virus: Fukkatsu No Hi Fukasaku, Kinji 1980
Vietnam: Time of the Locust
Vietnam: American Holocaust Claiborne, Clay Clay Claiborne 2008
Vietnam Memorial (Frontline) / MIAs (Nightline and 20/20) Frontline 5
Victims of the War in Chiapas, The Martinez, Carlos 1980
Victims of the War in Chiapas, The 1998
Various Iraq Protests/Dem Now FSTV
Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War Greenwald, Robert 2004
Uncovered: The War on Iraq Greenwals, Robert 2004
Uncle Saddam Soler, Joel 2003
UN debate on Iraq
U.S. Navy in Cuba 3
Trade Secrets Moyers, Bill
Toxic Sunset/Anitwar Demonstration/Parenti Interview/Gay Rights Hits Rome/etc. FSTV
Tina In Mexico
Timber Gap Fiklin, James 2000