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Title Director Other creator Producer Keywords Year
World in Crisis Democracy Now Democracy Now, World in Crisis, Not In My Garden, Casualty Phobia, Kalan Sutta, Current Conditions In Burma, A Democracy In Crisis, Sewing Seeds, Reaping Peace 2002
Winter Soldier Pictures, Persistent Vietnam veterans against the war
War Looms FSTV
Vietnam: Time of the Locust
Various Iraq Protests/Dem Now FSTV
Toxic Sunset/Anitwar Demonstration/Parenti Interview/Gay Rights Hits Rome/etc. FSTV
Scott Camil--First-Hand History--VietNam and McNamara CMC, Camil, Scott
Reporting - Holocaust Industry Democracy Now Economy
Regret to Inform / Vietnam War Widows 1999
Protest in Italy/NOW/UK protest FSTV
Panel on U.S. Relations w/ Islamic World, Supreme Court Hearing on Campaign Finance Reform
Noam Chomsky: Home Front Democracy Now
Noam Chomsky - Mackay Aud. , Homefront - the War on Terrorism, Hati and Zapatistas
Little Kabul 2002
Korean Labor Movement, The 1987-1997 Democratic Labor Union Alliance korean labor movement; southeast asia
Killing Fields, The Putnam, David, producer Cambodia, Torture, war, reporter, Thailand, Khemer Rouge, 1975, combat, Dith Pran, Sydney Schanberg, starvation
Kevin Phillips, Halliburton Democracy Now
Jello Biafra 4/02 Democracy Now
Israeli Soldiers Speak Out Democracy Now
Islamic World Democracy Now
Investigation (Mumia Abu-Jamal) / To the End (Showdown in Seattle: 5 Days That Shook the WTO) political, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Just Solutions, War and Peace Report, Street Report, Showdown in Seattle: 5 Days That Shook the WTO, To the End 2001
Indy 500 / Death Penalty / Grace Under Fire Sitcom / Democracy Now - Columbia, Angola, Bin Laden / World in Crisis - February 22-28, 2002 / FSTV News - The Mili Democracy Now Bin Laden, war, military, media, death penalty, Columbia, Abortion Rights, Indy 500, American penal system, Grace Under Fire, Democracy Now, Angola, World in Crisis, February 22-28, 2002, FSTV News, Activist Media Project, Julia "Butterfly" Hill, World Trade Center, From Danger to Dignity 2002
Indonesia: Shadow Play (Indonesia 1965) / NOW / Noam Chomsky's Talk at Harvard PBS / Bill Moyers / Noam Chomsky Indonesia
Hidden Wars of Destruction Democracy Now Michael Moore
FSTV: 3/08/02 Democracy Now
FSTV 2/02 Democracy Now
Fred Hampton Democracy Now Malcolm X, Black Panthers, Korea, Democracy Now, Fatal Reaction, Singapore / Together We Can Defeat Capitalism, Work Week, DAEWOO, Dyke TV News, Fred Hampton, Christopher Simpson, secret government, Middleast, Not In My Garden, Seeds of Peace 2002
Family Values Now, Deomcracy
Falun Gong: The Real Story (Part 1/2) Produced for Falun Gong People's Republic of China, Falun Gong, Falun Dafa, meditation
F.S.T.V. 9/6/02 Democracy Now Iraq, Howard Zinn, Democracy Now, Termite TV, Dyke TV News, Greg Palast, Sitka Alaska, Hidden Wars of Desert Strom, Depleted Uranium Weapons In the Age of Virtual War, Chico Mendez - Voice of the Amazon, Pele's Appeal - Geothermal In Hawaii 2002
F.S.T.V. 8/9/02 Democracy Now Brazil, Indonesia, Iraq, women in prison, Democracy Now, Cheney Protest in San Francisco, IMF loans, Dyke TV, Termite TV, Schuylkill River, Pickaxe, Terminator Seed, Fatal Deception, Singapore Women and Education, Democracy in Crisis 2002
F.S.T.V. 8/27/02 Democracy Now death row, Michael Moore, Democracy Now, Ramsey Clarke, Lt. Col. Daniel Lapin, Independent Network News, New York Closing the Open Door, In Whose Honor, Daniel Ellsburg, Secrets, Donahue 2002
F.S.T.V. 3/7/02 Democracy Now Feminism, Amy Goodman, international law, NOW, National Organization of Women, Natsu Saito 2002
F.S.T.V. 3/7/02 Democracy Now 2002
F.S.T.V. 3/6/02 Democracy Now 2002
F.S.T.V. 3/2/02 Democracy Now media, Kurds, CNN News Report on Gainesville Nader Supporters, Fear and Favor in Newsroom, Ad and Ego, Flight of the Stone, Old Growth Defense in Washington state, Cape Breton oil drilling protest, Santiago Alvarez 2002
F.S.T.V. 2/6/02 Democracy Now drugs, George W. Bush, military, Enron, Pakistan, media, Political Correctness, alcohol, America's Defense Monitor, FSTV, Seeds of War, An Unholy Alliance, Gay News 2002
F.S.T.V. 2/28/02 Democracy Now Feminism, capitalism, Afghanistan, dick gregory, military, media, Democracy Now, FSTV News, Amy Goodman, Defense Monitor, Zapatista 2001 march to Mexico City, South Africa view, WB-IMF A16 Protest, Sarah's Daughters, Norplant, Yesn Gvul, Hollywood 2002
F.S.T.V. 2/20/02 Democracy Now Afghanistan, FSTV News, Pickaxe, King, Cornel, West, Blackhawk Down, pollution in Delaware, Defense Monitor, arming dictators, lesbian marriage, Tongues Untied, Seattle protest, Prague Protest, Latino punk 2002
F.S.T.V. 2/19/02 Democracy Now Immigration, Yugoslavia, media, venus project, Time Frenzy, future visions, Columbia Media Project, drug war, farm labor, military support of dictators 2002
F.S.T.V. 2/12/02 Democracy Now capital punishment, Enron, Texas, Dyke TV, Toxic Waste, border issues, media in wartime, depleted uranium, Tulia, TX, drug bust 2002
F.S.T.V. 2/11/02 Democracy Now Immigration, Abuse, India, unions, Women, Indonesia, lesbians, Star Wars, uranium mining 2002
F.S.T.V. 12/8/01 Democracy Now Ecuador, capitalism, media, venus project, Terminator Seed, eco-crisis, gnenetic altered food, Quebec Protest, Breaking the Bank, Choco, Forests of Guenerro 2002
F.S.T.V. 12/26/01; F.S.T.V. 12/27/01 Democracy Now Race, war, peace, gender, Reclaim the Streets, women in movies, Thailand, Manifastoon, Amy Goodman, NATO, bombing the Balkans, journalists of color, showdown in Seattle 2001
F.S.T.V. 12/18/01 Democracy Now Abortion, al-Qaeda, Somalia, Democracy Now! In Exile, War in Peace Report, Haiti coup attempt, Another World Is Possible, Jeremy Glick, Jee Kim, U.S. Policy In the Middle East, Cornell West, progressive politics, Jane: An Abortion Service, Da Bomb Mad Media War, All I See Is What I Know, Indian Cars, Sex: Say Know To It teens on sex, Clay Pride: Being Clay in America, growing up gay 2001
F.S.T.V. 11/26/01; Democracy Now & Chomsky Democracy Now war, politics, investigation, WTO, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Noam Chomsky, Just Solutions, War and Peace Report, Street Report, Showdown in Seattle: 5 Days That Shook the WTO 2001
F.S.T.V. 1/3/02 Democracy Now Terrorism, Afghanistan, Corporations, gay, Monsanto, Phillip Berrigan 2002
F.S.T.V. 1/23/02 Democracy Now capitalism, Tibet, Democracy Now, World in Crisis, Latino Culture in America, Packing Heat, America's Defense Monitor 2002
F.S.T.V. 1/18/02 Democracy Now Terrorism, discrimination, Afghanistan, Enron, Philippines, Guns, Tibet, Israel, Ireland, racial profiling, bombs, Palestinian, FAIR 2002
F.S.T.V. #25