46 videos

Title Director Other creator Producer Keywords Year
Wounded Knee March and White Clay Tour AIM of Florida
Winter Soldier Pictures, Persistent Vietnam veterans against the war
Winona La Duke La Duke, Winona 2008
Winds of Change: A Matter of Promises PBS Home Video 1990
Winds of Change--Matter of Choice
Western Shoshone Defense Project
Warrior--the life of Leonard Peltier; by Suzi Bear Bear, Suzi
Virus: Fukkatsu No Hi Fukasaku, Kinji 1980
Vietnam: Time of the Locust
Vietnam: American Holocaust Claiborne, Clay Clay Claiborne 2008
Vietnam Memorial (Frontline) / MIAs (Nightline and 20/20) Frontline 5
Swimming to Cambodia Demme, Jonathan 1987
Spirit of Crazy Horse, The Michel Dubois and Kevin McKiernan 1990
Snowbowl Effect, The Benally, Klee 2005
Seoul Train Lisa Sleeth and Jim Butterworth 2006
Scott Camil--First-Hand History--VietNam and McNamara CMC, Camil, Scott
Regret to Inform / Vietnam War Widows 1999
Oklahoma HIgh School Mascots AIM of Florida
No Longer Enemies: Healing Wounds in Vietnam Citizen Soldier, Green Valley Media
My America. Tajima-Pena, Renee
Mohawk Indian Stand Off Rocks at Whiskey Trench
Massacre in East Timor
Korean Labor Movement, The 1987-1997 Democratic Labor Union Alliance korean labor movement; southeast asia
Korean General Strike News 1, 2 Dec. 1996-Jan. 1997 (in Korean) Democratic Labor Union Alliance (82-2) 765-2010 888-5123 1997
Killing Fields, The Putnam, David, producer Cambodia, Torture, war, reporter, Thailand, Khemer Rouge, 1975, combat, Dith Pran, Sydney Schanberg, starvation
Indonesia: Shadow Play (Indonesia 1965) / NOW / Noam Chomsky's Talk at Harvard PBS / Bill Moyers / Noam Chomsky Indonesia
In Whose Honor? American Indian mascots in sports jay rosenstein info: P.O. Box 2483 Champaign, IL 61825-2483 (217) 351-6867 Racism, stereotype, american indian mascots
In Armed Defense of Indian Land
How the West was Lost (American Indian), A Good Day to Die (Lakota), Always the Enemy (Apache), I Will Fight No More (Nez Perce)
Hearts and Minds Davis, Peter
Hearts and Minds Davis, Peter
Gate of Heavenly Peace, The: Part II Tianamen Square Demonstrations 1989
Gate of Heavenly Peace, The: Part I Tiananmen Square 1995
From the Killing Fields: The Possible U.S. Assistance of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge Jennings, Peter
Falun Gong: The Real Story (Part 1/2) Produced for Falun Gong People's Republic of China, Falun Gong, Falun Dafa, meditation
Fall of Womenland, The He, Xiaodan 2009
Experiencing the Darkness--Oral History Panel--My Lai Conference Fertel, Randy
EC-VPAT Convoy Cooday/ Thurston Productions native american, humanitarian aid, human rights violation
East Timor & Indonesia Noam Chomsky on 3 lectures
Cry at the End of the 20th Century
Contras on Campus at UF--first segment / Dear America--Letter from Vietnam Contras, Vietnam War
China Blue Director Micha Peled 2005
Cambodia: Return to Year Zero John Pilger, David Munro
Broken Rainbow Earthworks Films, Maria Florio, & Victoria Mudd
Beyond Vietnam: Lessons Unlearned Vets for Peace Vietnam War
Bandit Queen Kapur, Shekhar Bobby Bedi female empowerment, India 1994