115 videos

Title Director Other creator Producer Keywords Year
Zoned for Slavery: The Child Behind the Label National Labor Committee sweatshops 1995
Y Ahora Que Coalition of Immokalee Workers 2007
Wrath of Grapes United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO
Workers' Republic Friend, Andrew 2009
With All Deliberate Speed Gilbert, Peter
White Hotel Wake Up! Productions AIDS, HIV, Africa, medical research, preventive medicine, documentary filmmakers 1996
When The Levees Broke Lee, Spike 2006
When The Levees Broke Lee, Spike 2006
Verso Negro: Black Verse of the Caribbean Luchetti, Leita and Ben Levin poetry, Harlem Renaissance, Afro-Caribbean 2000
Uprising of '34, The--Titled Non-broadcast Version Hard Times Production
Up South: African-American Migration in the Era of the Great War American Social History Project
United We Stand--the Story of Warren, Ohio
Union Summer
Trabajadores, Los/Workers, The Courtney, Heather Martin, Erin , Pearson, Charlie Heather Courtney immigrant labor 2003
Through the Key Hole Arnold, Marguerite privacy voilations at work 1996
Texas Trails: First-Hand in Bush Land George W. Bush 2000
Tavis Smiley Hosted Forum-2/23/02 Smiley, Tavis 2002
Strawberries: The Fruit of Injustice -- SFW United Farmworkers of America, AFL-CIO
Spook Who Sat by the Door, The
Slave Ship--Discovery Channel Special, 12/12/97 Channel, Discovery 12
Sing Your Song Rostock, Susanne 2011
Silkwood Nichols, Mike 1983
Selma and Montgomery Civil Rights Battles Forman, James
Selma and Montgomery Civil Rights Battles Forman, James
Salt of the Earth Poverty, Labor 1953
Salt of the Earth Herbert, J. Biberman 2006
Roots: Vol. 6 Haley, Alex
Roots: Vol. 5 Haley, Alex
Roots: Vol. 4 Haley, Alex 1977
Roots: Vol. 3 Haley, Alex 1977
Roots: Vol. 2 Haley, Alex 1977
Roots: Vol. 1 Haley, Alex 1977
Road to Truth, The: March 2002: The Coalition of Immokalee Workers, Taco Bell Truth Tour The Road to Truth Labor, Taco Bell, Worker Rights
Rebuilding the Movement
Race-ing Justice: Black Resistance and the Politics of Mass Incarceration Video, Z 2005
Price of Sugar, The Haney, Bill Haitian Workers 2007
Point of View: Color Adjustment
Phillipine Workers and Aquino
PBS Black History Month 2003: Local Sweatshop Story / Story of Emmitt Till / Bayard Rustin Biography / Two Towns of Jasper / Scottsboro Boys PBS
Paper Tiger TV: Drawing the Line at Pittston Paper Tiger TV
Our Class of People 1995
Negroes with Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power Dickson, Sandra 2005
Negroes With Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power 2005
Mumia: 3 Segments
Mumia Organizers' Tape: Death Row Notebook and the Killing State. Deep Dish TV, Peoples Video Network, Death Row Notebook death row, Mumia Abu-Jamal
Mumia HBO Tape
Mumia Documentary
Million Woman March civil rights
Million Man March, Tape one (to Louis Farrakhan) C-SPAN 10
Million Man March--tape 2 C-SPAN 10