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Title Director Other creator Producer Keywords Year
ACLU: The Patriot Act ACLU
ACLU: Voter Rights ACLU
Action Research Documentary Holt, Vincent 2008
Adams in America Ireland
Adams, Gerry: 3/17/96
Adams, Gerry: 5/29/96
Advertising and the end of the world jhally, sut advertising and the end of the world sut jhally
Aerosol Crime Carnicorn, Clifford E. 2005
Affluenza: Destructive American Materialist Culture Escape from Affluenza
Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death Doran, Jamie 2003
After Shock
Al Arian at University of Florida palestinians
Alachua County Commission Meeting on October 24, 2006 Global Warming Presentation Dr. Stephen Mulkey
Alive Day Memories - Home from Iraq Alpert, Jon, Kent, Ellen Goosenberg James Gandolfini, Shelia Nevins, Alex Ryan Iraq 2007
Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq Gandolfini, James Iraq 2007
All Different, All Equal Series, Life Environment, life series 2000
All For One! The Worldwide Solidarity Day for the Locked-Out Liverpool Dockworkers UPPNET
All God's Children Solary, Scott, Westphal, Luci 2008
All Quiet on the Western Front
All Quiet on the Western Front Grade, Lord 1979
Alternative Press Roundtable with Noam Chomsky
America Blackout Palast, Greg election systems, Cynthia McKinney 2006
America Under Siege Linda Thompson, American Justice Federation
America's Least Wanted police, cops, television
America: Freedom to Fascism Russo, Aaron Income tax, immigration civil liberties 2006
American as Apple Pie: How Terrorism Lost Lipke, Alan
American Blackout Inaba, Ian 2006
American Dream Deferred: Race with History: Between Civil War and Civil Rights Lipke, Alan
American Drug War: The Last White Hope Booth, Kevin 2007
American Experience PBS series: Fidel Castro Bosch, Adriana 2004
American Experience PBS series: Fidel Castro Bosch, Adriana 2004
American Experience: The Rise of Hoover 11
American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs Lee, Grace Huang, Joan Black Power 2013
Ammo for the Info Warrior 2002
Ammo for the Info Warrior Guerrila News Network CIA, Iraq War, sept 11 2002
Amnesty International HBO December 10, 1988 HBO, Amnesty International
Amy Goodman, Ray McGovern,Dolores Huerta, Cindy Sheehan, Jodie Evans and More: Voices of Clarity and Conscience
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! in exile and more... FSTV
And the Band Played On
Angels of Mercy?
Anne Braden: Southern Patriot Lewis, Anne, Pickering, Mimi 2012
Anti-War Rally; World Says NO to War Various 2003
April 5, 1992 Washington DC Abortion Rights 4
Arctic Meltdown Rising Seas: Threatened Lands, Threatened Peoples Greenpeace International Marshall Islands 2001
Argentina: Hope in Hard Times Dworkin, Mark and Melissa Young 2004
Arlington West Unkown
Arlington West Dudar, Peter Veterans for Peace, Iraq War 2004
Arlington West Dudar, Peter and Marr, Sally 2006
Arming of Saudi Arabia Frontline