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Title Director Other creator Producer Keywords Year
Bill Moyers "Now" episodes Vol.4
Bill Moyers "Now" episodes Vol. 1 2003
Bill Moyers "Now" episodes Vol.3
Bill Moyers "Now" episodes Vol.7
Bill Moyers "Now" episodes Vol.2
Bill Moyers Trade Secrets: The Chemical Industry's Impact (3/26/01) PBS 2001
Black and Gold: The Latin King and Queen Nation Big Noise Films Black Panthers, street gangs, Young Lords, Latin Kings, Latin King and Queen Nation, Political Street Organization
Black Gold Mark Francis and Nick Francis 2007
Black Gold: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Mark & Nick Francis 2006
Black Robe Beresford, Bruce. 1991
Black Robe Beresford, Bruce 1991
Blind Spot: Peak Oil and the Coming Global Crisis Doring, Adolfo 2008
Blood and Oil 2008
Blood and Oil: The Middle East in World War 1 Callaghan, Marty French, Turkey, World War 1, British 2006
Bloody Sunday
Bloody Sunday
Blue Vinyl Helfand, Judith, Gold, Daniel B. 2002
Body of war Spiro, Ellen and Phil Donahue
Books through Bars Books Through Bars/ Scribe Video Center 1997
BOP/Missile Crisis (Cuba) Firing line debate
Botany of Desire Pollan, Michael Plant World 2001
Bound For Glory Getchell, Robert Woody Guthrie 1976
Bowling for Columbine Moore, Michael 2002
Bowling for Columbine Moore, Michael
Bowling for Columbine, Oscar Speech, Littleton, CO speech Moore, Michael 2003
Bowling for Columbine, Oscar Speech, Littleton, CO speech Moore, Michael
Boys of Baraka Deidi Ewing and Rachel Grady 2006
Brave New Conversation Amy Goodman, Margaret Cho, Shepard Fairey, Alan Grayson, Thom Hartmann, Markos Moulitsas, Heny Rollins, Oliver Stone
Bread and Roses Los Angeles, unions, Labor, Janitors for Justice
Breaking The Spell 1999
Broken Rainbow Earthworks Films, Maria Florio, & Victoria Mudd
Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin PBS Martin Luther King, civil rights, gay, Homosexual, Malcom X
Brother's Keeper
Brothers - The Story of George Jackson and Angela Davis Angela Davis, Soledad Brothers, George Jackson
Buena Vista Social Club Director Wim Wenders 1999
Buffalo Bull Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers
Building Bombs . [also, Nuclear Shame (NRC)--CNN presents] Mark Mori, Susan Robinson 1989
Bullshit Holmquist, PeA, Khardalian, Suzanne environmental activism, monsato, organic farming 2005
Buried in the Backyard 9-11, Terrorism, Nuclear War 2005
Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock
Burning Season, the Hammel, Thomas M.
Burning Season, The: The Chico Mendes Story Frankheimer, John David Puttnam 1994
Burning Times (Cathy and Evelyn), The
Bush Family Fortune The Disinformation Company Bush, Greg Palast 2004
Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (DVD) Palast, Greg 2004
Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Can Buy Palast, Greg 2006
Bush in 30 Seconds Live Various 2004
Bush's Brain 2003
Bush's Brain 2004
Bush's role in the arming of Iraq before the war Nightline 6