Fucktooth #23

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Half-size (5.5"x8.5")

"Fucktooth was perzine published by Jen Angel out of Columbus, OH. Fucktooth was published from 1991 to 2000 and was a widely circulated zine. Each issue covered Jen's personal life, her love of music, sex, progressive political issues, and more. Other writers from the punk community often contributed to Fucktooth as well. In later issues Jen focused interviews on people she admired in the punk and zine communities as well as more talk about sex and relationships. The last issue of Fucktooth published in 2000 was #22, although Jen has talked about publishing another issue." -- taken from ZineWiki

It's been a big year for Jen. Prior to writing this issue, she moved across the country twice, fell in and out of love, and learned a lot about herself and friendship. This issue contains musings from her time in the Bay Area, in which she wites about going to a funeral and death in the local punk scene, the idea of temporariness, relationships, punk, writing for Maximum Rock n Roll (and some nasty stuff that happened while there), and much much more. It's a dense zine with lots to offer. There are also a few writings from her friends who contributed to this issue.