Safety Pin Girl #17: I <3 Me

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Half-size (5.5"x8.5")

Jessica writes about being bi-polar, bisexual, and depressed; going to Ladyfest Lansing, cutting. feeling "deja-vu", taking Wellbutrin, a girl named Lola that went to the same middle school as her whom she hated + admired at the same time, May Day, Midwest anarchist book fair, her first cigarrette,  a little punk boy she used to hang out with as well as pieces about how her and her best friend never felt like they fit in because they were too young to be old skool punks but never really understood  or fit in with "this new school racket", Rock n' Roll and how it's not just about the music (it's about words and visual art too and those can be just as powerful + meaningful as the music), Ballistic Biscuit (a punk band she used to listen to back in the day when she first started getting into punk rock), not to mention other pieces such as "I've sucked too much cock to be a riot grrrl: A personal sexuality Manifesto" and an interview with The Distillers, among many, many other things/pieces/tidbits. This zine also includes the "obligatory hella rad section", which includes zine reviews and album reviews.