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Title Other Creator Publisher Keywords Year
(dis)connection; #1 anarchism, infoshops, collectives 1994
101 Ways to Conduct Business With Charm and Savvy gender roles, straight-edge, body politics, beauty, sexism standards
30 Revolutions (A Film) trippy
A Gentrification Reader
abort! #20 2008
Addie vol 2 comics, Sequential Artists' Workshop
All Ages House Show
attacking prisons at the point of production: a brief look at militant actions against the prison-industrial complex radical, politics, industrialism
Belly of the Beast #5 sexuality, Body Image, gender roles, straight-edge
black liberation army (bla) political dictionary firestarter press civil rights, African America
Brainscan #25
Bringing Democracy Home
Chainbreaker #4 bike maintenance, bike history
Cheese Log #7
Coffeeshop Crushes: Tales of Lust and Love in Coffee Establishments Georges, Nicole , Clutch Mcbastard / portland, or, Van Oast, Jon Microcosm Publishing 2001
Complete Control #10 2002
Complete Control #11 2003
Complete Control 8/ Teenage Death Songs 2001
Complete Control; 7 Richmond, Monroe Park Tent City 2000
Complete Control; 8 Collectives. Richmond
Con(tra)science #4 1994
Con(tra)science #5 liberty, Punk, anti-institution
Con(tra)science #6
Dark Cloud Comin' Bare Bones Press science fiction, comics 2009
Dead City; #7
Destined; #3
DIY; An A-Z Guide to Doing-It-Yourself... bombs, zines, silkscreening, herbal abortion, bicycle maintenance, wheatpaste, automobile maintenance, instrument repair
Don't Blame Me: I Worked for Dean Howard Dean, campaigning 2004
F Word; #4
Full Gallop
Full Gallop #6: The Shitbag Diarrheas 1999
Go For Broke #2: Klimbing Kilimanjaro Africa, Tanzania, Cancer, mountain climbing, Kilimanjaro 2010
Greasy Spoon; No. 18, Summer 2004 Florida, food, cheap food
Highway 2 Health vegan 2018
HPV - The HPV Zine health, wellness, sti, std, cervical cancer, hpv, genital warts
I Dreamed I Was Assertive #12 perzine, daily life 2008
I Hate This Part of Texas #2 1/2 Microcosm Publishing gender, brewing, beer, cooking, review 2006
I Hate This Part of Texas #5
I've Got Angels in my Head mental health
Independent Small Pub. Marymark Press 2002
invinsible summer #5 comics, perzine 2003
JamZine: Voices from the Civic Media Center poetry Jam Letterbomb Collective Poetry-Gainesville, Civic Media Center's Poetry Jam 2005
K Composite #4 K Composite satire, Interviews, jokes
Love Songs perzine, Family, Abuse, childhood
Low Hug #7 9/11, America, History, Terrorism, tragedies 2002
Lower East Side Librarian Winter Solstice Shoutout 2002 2002
Mad Tea Party: Issue One Mad Tea Party 2007
Man Will Fester #1 Christianity, florida skate underground, band reviews, band interview, collage 1994